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Nothing articulates cool design more than mixing metals in your living room. Style dictated in gleaming silvers and golds just gut visitors with coolness. But with anything, less is more. You can’t go overboard or else risk overwhelming and blinding visitors. Now, as a company obsessed with color and pattern, we’ve learned how to maintain that style equilibrium without losing the dazzle. That’s why the biggest mixing metals advice across the board– from Studio McGee to Invaluable– is to choose a dominant metal. Design your room around one specific metal and then sprinkle in the variety. If you’re going for a silver theme, compliment your palette with gold accents, or vice versa– and don’t forget to throw in some warm brass and neutral iron into the mix. Whether it’s silver and gold, or gold and silver, it’s that unequal balance that brings out the best in each metal. 

And in that similar vein of subtle magic, most furniture accompanying metals disappears into the background of white and beige, complimenting instead of competing. It makes sense– to overpower is to lose all impact and give your guests a headache instead. But at Rockin Cushions, we don’t settle for beige. Why miss out on all of design’s vibrant opportunities just because you want to experiment in metals? That’s why we think you can have the best of both without over-decorating. Our slipcovers shine without blinding, helping to both balance and dazzle. Here are some classic Rockin Cushions slipcovers that give power to your metals.. 


c: Gold Brass Slipcovers

Above: Grey Cheetah Outdoor Covers; Gold Velvet Henriksdal Cover; Vine Taupe Havsten Covers


Gold and Brass

If you’re going for a warm palette featuring gold or brass, these slipcovers will elevate your love of shiny metals. The Gray Cheetah outdoor slipcover plays with hints of silver, perfect for mixing metals. And the rich Gold Velvet Henriksdal cover shines brilliantly on its own. The Vine Oyster Taupe Arholma covers, on the other hand, pays homage to both silver and gold. Emboldened with a beautiful shade of taupe and topped with a stylish bohemian print, this slipcover takes your living room/patio area to the next level. Polish your golds with patterns that help your home shine with Rockin Cushions slipcovers. 


c: Copper, Silver Slipcovers

Above: Grey Chevron outdoor cover; Blush Pink Velvet Tullsta CoverIndian Boho Knopparp cover


Silver and Copper

Not all that glitters is gold– sometimes it’s silver! Or copper! For a steel-colored palette that’s striking and sleek, our patterned slipcovers strengthen your metals with high design. Our Indian Boho Print Knopparp Cover dots the cushion seat with a spunk complimenting your bold silvers. Or, if you’re looking to go bolder, throw in some color with our copper Blush Pink Velvet Tullsta cover. Break the beige mold and play with contrast. This vibrantly-springtime chair gives your metal edge and style. Finally, our silver Grey Chevron IKEA outdoor cover is beauty hiding in plain sight. Take a closer look, and you’ll see that the understated Grey Chevron upgrades your home with a mesmerizing pattern. Spotlight your silver with slipcover patterns that work behind the scenes to energize your home. 

So put the pedal to the metal! And Mix your golds and silvers all day— Rockin Cushions is here to match and compliment with any theme. Our slipcovers will be there to make every detail in your home shine. Never miss a chance to impress, because when patterns and metals combine, interior design gets that much cooler. 



Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)