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Earth Tones and Contemporary House Design

Earth Tones often get a bad rap as the reasonable but boring shade of interior design. A relic of the cool 90s, with calming and subdued hues including brown and green, earth tones are down to earth but risk being so neutral that you feel like you’ve buried your living room in dirt.

Nathan Boyd of Home Stratosphere says that the main problem with earth tones boils down to a color palette that provides no balance between light and dark, giving nothing for the restless occupant to focus on. But earth tones don’t have to be flat and boring; at Rockin Cushions, our ethos is to be the antithesis of boring. We may live for bright colors and patterns, but we’re also huge fans of earth tones. So how do you achieve that balance of light and dark without sucking the life out of your contemporary home?


c: Farmhouse Oatmeal Linen Slipcovers

Clockwise from top: Plaid Henriksdal covers, Linen Oatmeal Henriksdal covers, Knopparp Oatmeal Linen cover, Poang Oatmeal Linen Cover


First, we try not to go so heavy on the greens and browns. Our Farmhouse Oatmeal Linen Cover provides a light earthy tone that is calm while also lightening any room with its soft and gentle touch. For those who like the idea of Cottagecore but aren’t committed to it, the oatmeal sofa provides that calming essence of the countryside while also bringing the online trend back into the contemporary. And as an extra touch to spice up your living room, next to the Oatmeal Sofa we have our Green Abstract and Rainforest Pine outdoor covers.

 c: Earth Tones IKEA Havsten Covers

IKEA Havsten Covers in Rainforest PineGreen Abstract 


The Green Abstract modernizes earth tones and ignites a subtle pop back into the earth. The modern green print, both contemporary and natural with abstract likeness to vines, plays off the soft cream cushion and emphasizes the natural essence of the earth tone. The Green Abstract sparks texture while the Oatmeal Sofa contrasts the dark with light with its mist-like comfort, transforming the neutral into stylishly yet subtly dynamic. Plus, as a slip cover that works both outdoors and indoors, you have the flexibility to flex your earth tones prowess all over the house. But these next two options work with any kind of chair. 


c: Faux Cow IKEA Armchairs

Tullsta Armchair, Koarp Armchair


Despite being a faux hide, the Cow Print Slipcover brings the natural back to earth tones. Invigorate those classic heavy browns with speckled cow spots, elevating what critics call drab into a chic pattern. Punch up your living room with a popping pattern supported by the quietly stylish oatmeal linen couch. And pay homage to the cow, whose beauty is frequently undervalued. The Cow Print Slipcover delivers both the grounded calm of earth tones and stunning design that imprints on any visitor. And with a faux hide cover, you can slide into that slick and comfortable seat with style. 


c: Santa Maria Adobe IKEA Covers Henriksdal Barstool cover, Knopparp Slipcover


Finally, warm up your living room as if it were steeped in a cozy golden sunray– with the Santa Maria Adobe Slipcover. Push what earth tones can be, challenge that subdued preconception. What’s more pleasant and earthy than floral? With gold, red, teal, green, and brown cleverly painted together into the beautiful floral moral, the Santa Maria Adobe provides all the color you’ll need. And next to the oatmeal linen couch, these two slipcovers blend subtle and vibrant in a lovely living space that lights up a room. Get the Santa Maria Adobe Slipcover and bask in the colorful possibilities of earth tones: expand far beyond the dark greens and browns, dive into the vivid and bright. 

As long as you're willing to get creative and sometimes bold with patterns, you can bring earth tones out of the 90s and back to the spirited color palette of planet earth. And at Rockin Cushions, we’re here to help you bring those cool tones into your contemporary home. So if you’re a fan of the neutral and subdued but don’t want to lose the invigoration of design, try our selection of earth tone slipcovers and revive the earth with patterns. 



c: Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)

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