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About Us

Michelle Van Der Water

Hi, I'm Michelle

Growing up surrounded by the creativity of home design, the simple yet transformative allure of IKEA became my canvas. For me, IKEA wasn’t just about furniture. It was a challenge - how to reflect unique personalities with straightforward furniture hacks. But although brimming with ideas, I lacked the platform and expertise to showcase them. Thankfully the digital age was my savior!

My love for design found its voice through the internet, allowing me to share the magic of transforming ordinary IKEA furniture into statement pieces.

The Bigger Picture: Our Mission


According to the EPA (US), over 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings are discarded yearly. Factors like changing tastes, evolving lifestyles, and relocations contribute to this enormous waste.


By giving your IKEA furniture a fresh look with our stylish slipcovers, you’re not just redecorating - you're taking a stand against waste.


Each purchase not only rejuvenates your living space but also helps reduce landfill waste, one furniture piece at a time. Together, we make a difference.

Join us in making sustainable choices. Every cover you choose keeps one more piece of furniture from the landfill. Let's craft a better future together!

Be Part of Our Story

Dive into our collection and discover how each piece echoes a tale of creativity, sustainability, and passion. Your home deserves a unique touch, and together, we can make that happen.


Sophie, the Eco-conscious Homeowner: "I've always been passionate about making eco-friendly choices, but I never realized that my love for redecorating could play a part in that. Working with Michelle and her team, I discovered how their slipcovers not only give my furniture a fresh look but also align with my commitment to sustainability. Every time I drape my IKEA furniture with one of their unique covers, I'm reminded that I'm reducing landfill waste. Their designs have truly transformed my living space and have made me a more conscious consumer."

Daniel, the Aesthetic Explorer: "I've got a thing for reinventing my space; it's my canvas. Yet, I often found myself stuck with generic furniture options that never quite fit my vibe. When I stumbled upon Michelle's designs, it felt like hitting the jackpot! The magic lies in how they seamlessly transformed my plain IKEA pieces into extraordinary statement items. I've never felt more in tune with my home. Thanks to Rockin Cushions, my space now truly reflects my unique style."

Maya, the Frequent Mover: "Relocating for work every other year has its challenges, especially when it comes to creating a consistent home feel. Each move, I'd grapple with making my standard IKEA furniture fit into a new environment. Rockin Cushions' slipcovers have been a game-changer. They're not just covers; they're personality boosters! Whether I'm in a downtown loft or a countryside cottage, I now have the flexibility to adapt my furniture to any setting. With Michelle's touch, I've turned every new house into a comfortable home."