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Something about the biophilic style calms me instantaneously: the intimate incorporation of plants into interior design, from the easy house-plant to the hedge wall adorning your closet door. Forget the shining chandeliers and glass cabinets– this is style buried in nature. My dad used to joke when I was little that PBS’s Little Bear was his Ambien; now, biophilic design has become the same to me. The vines sprawling down the wall, cocooned by plants and ferns– even a downtown Cleveland apartment can become its own forest. Biophilic design cradles you in comfort, but this isn’t a style that puts you to sleep. Intertwining you with nature, biophilic design pushes style innovation. Style that excites and never bores, opening doors and tearing down walls (sometimes literally) into a new world of eco-design.


Plant Bedroom


If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen some of Sonia.growingajungle’s work on our page. Sonia gives us the biophilic design dream, intertwining outdoor and indoor space inside a natural cradle. From hanging plants swinging above, to ferns nestled in every corner. Sonia puts us under the spell from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, enticing us to fall asleep on the forest floor. With chic decor snuggled by nature, Sonia draws viewers into biophilic design, inviting us to grow our own jungles. 

And at Rockin Cushions, we’re just as intrigued by the biophilic style, already diving head first into the trend. Here’s a few ways you can start your own bedroom jungle with easy IKEA decorating:


Indoor Plants


Plants, Plants, and More Plants

If you’re going to cocoon yourself in plants, it may be easier to buy plants that don’t require upkeep. Now, if you’ve got a good green thumb and want to decorate with real plants, go for it! But maybe you’re like me; maybe you’ve killed cacti. There are those who thrive in cottagecore, ladent in their ability to live off the land, and there are those born city-slickers who would never survive cottagecore. Whether that sounds like you, or if you just want a more affordable planting option, then IKEA has a whole arsenal of fake plants to save you time and money– as well as the crippling guilt of killing so many plants. 

IKEA Fejka’s section contains any plant you can think of, replicated in an easy-to-neglect fashion. From majestic fig trees standing tall, to potted succulents and bamboo– IKEA has it all. Get ready to grow your own jungle with IKEA’s Fejka plant selection


Vertical Garden


The Garden Wall Mat: The Buzz of Interior Design

If you want to make a bold and style-forward statement, look no further than the Green Garden Wall Mat. A Garden Wall embodies design innovation, each square bursting with life. Have an accent wall that physically pops, with a boxwood hedge pushing into your room. And add a touch of Mother Earth to your home with heart-shaped leaves that gently kiss your fingertips. The Garden Wall Mat is that unexpected surprise that’ll wow any visitor.



Grassy Closet Doors


Even our founding designer, Michelle Van Der Water, has gone all in on the garden walls with her newest remodel (above). Michelle shows us that even a closet door can become a stunning detail in full bloom. With leaves brushing your hand every time those doors swing open, your closet becomes dramatic and just a little bit magical. These grassy panels can be purchased at The Tablecloths Factory in packs of 4 and 6, and are easily installed with a staple gun. 

The Garden Wall Mat is the perfect way to experiment with biophilic design– don’t be afraid of the bold. Biophilic design embellishes your home with nature at its most daring, showing the true daredevil beauty nature-based design is capable of.


And Slipcovers to Match

Don’t forget the furniture! As fun as growing your own forest is, you still need a place to sit. Rockin Cushions is here to help match and compliment all your overflowing greens. These slipcovers give your bedroom subtle style that gives focus to your plant cocoon. Our Hunter Green Velvet Sakarias dining chair cover blends into your foliage while adding spunk with a velvet smooth texture. And if you’re a fan of the green, our selection of Lime Green Chevron Slipcovers can brighten any room instantaneously, infusing your jungle with stylish fun. 


And for the fans of striking design, we have more colorful patterns to embellish your biophilic style. The Green Banana Leaf outdoor covers pop and give dimension to your garden wall mat, as well as giving vivid print definition to your surrounding flora. Similarly, the Rainforest Pine IKEA Outdoor Slipcover sparks with contemporary design. Give your forest that New York Boho Chic. This slipcover will elevate your home with style on the up and up. Finally, compliment your vast display of plants with a slipcover that plays with a gentle floral pattern. The Jungle Teal Pink Skruvsta Cover, whether its an office chair or a popping family room couch, allows you to create an even deeper cocoon as you work amongst the leaves. Toss in some floral pillows and you have given your growing jungle a cozy home with slipcovers that both dazzle and comfort. 

Start creating your own nature nest right in your bedroom. IKEA’s affordable selection of plants and garden wall matts give you a head start to planting your happy place. And don’t forget to add some trendy Rockin Cushions slipcovers to help make your interior garden feel like home. Try the trend and see how biophilic style inspires new life to interior design. Home Sweet Home, meet Jungle Sweet Jungle.



Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)