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Kids Room Update

Lately, we have been forced to rethink the spaces in our homes because of the increased time spent at home due to Covid. Our children's spaces needed to become even more functional than usual, for their recreational and educational needs. Now that the school year is ending however, perhaps it's time to finally organise and decorate for their next chapter.

Probably the most obvious and eye catching quick change you can make, is the addition of murals as statement walls. Kids love wallpaper, handpainted art or wall decals according to their interests. Keep it fun, but remember that kids rooms are still part of your overall house, so you don't want to overdo the clown or safari motifs. A little goes a long way!

Here are some smart solutions:


Kids Rooms Decals


Teen girl’s bedroom

Tucan decal

Custom dinosaur mural

Playing with shapes

Stars on the ceiling 


Multifunctional furniture is also a great way to maximize space, for sleepovers or playtime. Kids love to climb bunk and loft beds as part of their imagination at work, so it makes for a win-win. Some creative options additionally ensure that your child has the entire floor space underneath to play and work. Topping the sleeping area with a bed canopy can do wonders - and not only for girls. Creating a cosy reading nook with a simple curtain and lots of comfy pillows, will also entice the least avid reader.


Kids Bunk Loft Beds


Hanging bed

Reading corner

Simple IKEA bunk

Looking to introduce some adventure? Be inspired by this selection of dreamy swings chairs. Be it a romantic neutral version or a recreational station combined with a little gym, don’t forget to keep the fun factor by ensuring it’s actually usable and of course, always bear safety in mind.


Kids bedroom swing chairs


Swing chair+loft bed

Dreamy swing

Double swing 


Children's IKEA POANG

Looking for the easiest IKEA hack ever? Redesign an IKEA Poang chair by simply painting the frame and adding a new slipcover. The children's size Poang chair is definitely a wise choice for toddlers, not to mention that it’s half the price of the adult version. But if you have the space, a full sized Poang makes for a great heirloom that transitions from nursery to toddler, teen to adult. Simply switch out the slipcovers as needed to keep the chair and your room looking fresh. Be it a nursery with a rocking chair or the simplest armchair for teens, everybody loves a good Poang.


Children's Room IKEA Poang Chairs


Some DIY hacks to upcycle your Poang:

Pink with fur cover

Red and grey painted Poang

White kids room


Here at Rockin Cushions, we have a wide range of kids Poang slipcovers to choose from according to your style and fabric preference:


IKEA Children's Poang Chair Covers


Floral grey-yellow slipcover

Baby pink fur

Sunbrella green

Light blue paisley patchwork slipcover

Lavender slipcover

Navy blue anchors



With the IKEA SMÅSTAD (formerly Stuva) system you have so many options to create multifunctional spaces. The secret is that it’s at the right height for kids. Change or redecorate doors, upgrade handles or simply personalize your bench pad with Rockin Cushions covers. Throw some pillows on top and voila! You have created the perfect chill-zone for your child.


IKEA Bench Pad Covers


Stuva desk hack

Bench reading nook

Colorful fiesta stripe bench pad slipcover

Damask print navy blue bench pad slipcover


Whether your child's room fits into the overall design of the house or radically differs from it, make sure it's designed according to their specific needs and personality. Childhood years are the most important time to nurture and grow every imagination.

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