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IKEA Hack: Basket Lighting

It goes without saying that the most creative hacks are the ones that give the original products a completely different function. It may seem like a far-flung idea, but turning cane or woven baskets upside down into light shades, is not only affordable, but a beautiful way to upgrade even the basic lightbulb. All you need is a little imagination, handicraft and guidance! Read on...


IKEA Basket Lampshade

Before we get started, check out some inspiration of these beautiful basket pendants by Interiors by Candice and BHG.com.au


DIY Basket Lampshades


What you will need:

  • Basket of your choice (IKEA or maybe an old cane basket from your granny’s)
  • Consideration of the amount of light you need through the basket for the room
  • Paint - for natural baskets, try white, black or blush colors
  • Decoration - themed to match the room, perfect idea for kids’ rooms as they are easily removed later
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Electric pendant or accessories if needed


IKEA baskets we love for pendant hanging:


IKEA rattan baskets

FLADIS basket

SNIDAD basket

HURRING basket

HEMMA cord set black or white, double or triple sets too



Looking for a table lamp? Consider repurposing smaller baskets and switching out your regular linen lampshades. If painting a basket is too much work, decorate a ready-made natural IKEA lamp shade like the TORARED or the SINNERLIG pendant lamps. The loose, woven wicker adds a nice filtered touch to an otherwise glaring bulb.


IKEA Wicker Pendant Lampshades


For a naturally rustic aesthetic, use some additional natural rope to cover the seagrass cords of the TORARED shades. The traditionally bohemian SINNERLIG light fixture handmade of bamboo lattice is also an all-time favorite for smaller hacks.


IKEA Sinnerlig lampshade hack


Styling can be as simple as fixing some pom poms and tassels on with hot glue. You can even add some legs for a standing floor lamp and decorate more elaborately. But changing the function of the SINNERLIG doesn’t have to be complicated. As always, play with whatever you like to make it unique and customised for you.

Whatever your choice of hacking your lights, always consider what different baskets and shades do to light. For the dining area, it's best to direct the light downwards onto the table by a closed lamp shade. Baskets with big holes or other see-through materials with different shapes project beautiful shadows on the ceiling or the wall. Experiment with the effects for setting a truly romantic and wordly ambiance!



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