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If you're an interior design enthusiast and looking for ways to add an exciting punch to your interior space without carrying out a complete makeover, you’ve come to the right place! Incorporating bold, bright and textured decorative accents can instantly set the mood and tone for your home.


From striking patterned wallpaper to decorative soft furnishings and statement rugs; deliciously inviting hues can instantly transform a lackluster space into one that will brighten your spirit. Keen to jazz up your décor scheme with visual interest and extra dimension? Ahead we share small and creative ways to bring color and texture into your home so it feels almost like an entire redo. 


Toss in a Few Throw Cushions

If the idea of committing to an entirely vibrant space freaks you out, try injecting a healthy dose of color and texture with strategically layered and well-chosen scatter cushions. When experimenting with bold hues and varied fabrics, select solids for patterned base furnishings, and patterned cushions for solid pieces to create a more cohesive finish. These IKEA block cushions will pop beautifully against a crisp white background. 


A touch of color with cushions

A mix of eclectic patterns

Different hues for different seasons

Bold solids pop against a neutral backdrop


With a range of colors, prints, and fabrics to choose from, cushions also allow you the freedom to mix and match different patterns for an eclectic jolt that's bursting with boho character. Pair plush velvet with casual cotton and linen to create a tactile arrangement that invites you to kick-back and unwind. Keep a few spare cushion covers on hand, if you can, and change the tone of your room according to the season, or just because you feel like it!


Invest in Statement Seating

Choosing furniture pieces that add character to your décor scheme is a great way to create a space that makes your heart sing. The perfect sofa that adds comfort as well as makes a style statement is worth the investment. Out with the “safe” neutral and in with an eye-catching upholstery finish — either in a bold solid color or one with a visually interesting graphic print. 



If buying a brand new couch is too big a step, a vibrant-hued slipcover is a great place to start and might be just what we need to craft a beautiful and refreshed interior. When fitted snugly onto a sofa, loveseat, chair, or ottoman, it’s hard to tell it's not a permanent part of your furniture. And anytime you come to feel like it, you can try new styles from the Tullsta Chair Cover collection and alter your home's look on a whim without blowing your spending budget. 


To get it right, decide on a color or print that either complements or creates a strong sense of contrast with the rest of the rooms’ furnishings… and definitely one you’re happy to live with for a very long time to come! Punchy burnt shades, jewel tones, and pastel hues are strongly invoke and are sure to infuse plenty of charm and personality to a neutral design scheme. 


Introduce Vibrant Wallpaper Print

Introducing a pop of color or pattern into your home with wallpaper is a step above a solid wall paint, but still transient enough to appease even the most capricious design aficionados. Beautifully printed wallpaper in floral, geometric and stripes is not only easy on the budget, but it’s a stunning way to breathe new life and artistry into your home. 



Floral wallpaper

Palm leaf wallpaper


Adding an extra ounce of energy to a plain or neutral base — whether you choose to paper just one wall or all four — can indeed make your space so much more dynamic and interesting. Tropical prints that mix plenty of lush and energizing greens effortlessly welcome the outdoors in, lending a calming and serene feel. Similarly, stripes offer a tailored finish and are a gorgeous way to add luxe and character to the scheme of things.


Roll out an Area Rug

Balance a neutral scheme with a vibrant and textured area rug. Persian rugs, for example, are known for great comfort under-foot — and can inject sophisticated flair and tactility, instantly accentuating the look and feel of the room. When using a bold and bright piece, you may want to stick to plain or simple patterns in your soft furnishings, leaving your area rug to become the focal of the room. We especially love this range of IKEA handwoven rugs that fit effortless into just about any interior setting. 


Colorful Rugs






Bring the Outdoors In




The Creative Exchange 


Elevate an uninspiring living space with foraged pieces found in nature… think colorful cuts of Red Aglaonema, Fittonia, and Croton that bloom throughout the season in stunning decorative vases and unique planters for a distinctive look. Add the perfect finishing touch and a deep characteristic fragrance with hanging flowers like lavender — group in an attractive arrangement for full impact. 


Hang a Creative Art Piece

Sometimes a hint of color goes a long way — and what better way to take your walls from flat to fab than hanging a piece of art. Displaying art that incorporates a welcome shot of bold color in a space dominated by a neutral palette only requires a few accents elsewhere to create a harmonious scheme. How stunning are BJÖRKSTA Girl with a Pearl Earring and I’m Going to Have Fun pieces against a plan neutral backdrop!



IKEA Wall Art

Sarah Keenlyside


RUM Interior Design


Fancy making vivacious impact? Why not get a little creative by displaying an array of artistic styles in a form of a gallery wall? You needn’t an extensive collection of fine art — with a little imagination, a few color paintings, posters or photographs are sure to make for a great conversation starter while adding another layer of texture and dimension to the room.