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Where is your happy place? Is it out in the fields, barley stems grazing your knees as midwestern winds sway the land back and forth like waves? Or is it in a Japanese garden, standing in zen sand smooth as a newborn beach, waiting for the next drip of water from the bamboo stalk? 

Now, what if I told you that your happy places – both rustic or zen – could coexist in your living room? 

Japandi Interior Design is the blend of the two best practitioners of minimalism: the Japanese and the Scandanavians. Combining the two masterful aesthetics creates a relaxing, minimalist living room that finds the jaw-dropping beauty in simplicity. Featuring clean lines, neutral tones, and natural textures, Japandi style brings minimalism to the forefront of interior design. 

Kris Manalo, the Senior Upholstery Buyer at design store Heal’s, defines the trend as “Aspects of the Scandi notion of ‘hygge,’ (the Nordic term for the homely feeling of coziness), and Japanese ‘wabi-sabi,’ (finding beauty in imperfection), harmonize to create a stress-free atmosphere.”

Get the best of rustic minimalism from the cultural masters without breaking your budget using Rockin Cushions’ affordable yet trendy slipcovers. We love all patterns, prints, and colors – from the vibrant to the understated. But whoever said minimalism had to be boring? As they say, less is more – and here’s how to get a dazzling, minimal aesthetic on a lesser budget. 



Get cozy in a rustic minimalist kitchen that transforms the imperfection of the Japanese ‘wabi-sabi’ style into near perfection. From the chic white table and calming rattan chairs to the buffalo plaid that punches up your minimalism – this is the kitchen you’ll never want to leave. 





Settle into a minimalist living room that never bores – finds the chic within clean lines and a neutral color palette that inspires without overshadowing the host. And let IKEA’s Rattan Mirror wash a wave of calm over you the way only Rattan can.





Get productive with a clean, rustic aesthetic that works both in the country and the middle of Manhattan. This IKEA bookshelf will bring back memories of home and reaching on your tiptoes for your next bedtime story, while our Mudcloth Arrows print pushes minimalism to the edge without breaking the waters.

  • IKEA Tullsta Mudcloth Arrows White Chair Cover





Finally, get Rustic with our Light Brown Cow Print that brings the field to you. Then kick off your boots and settle back in your modern home with a cool black wardrobe and subtle oatmeal couch.


There’s nothing square about this minimalist aesthetic. Get the best of the very best: Rockin Cushions slipcovers will help you combine both Japanese minimalism and Scandanavian rustic into a stunning yet subtle palette without breaking the bank. So embrace the newest modern trend and make your less not just more, but unforgettable.


Japandi Style



Kathryn Blessington


Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)