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"Today, a hotel is much more than just a place to sleep; it is all about the experience… it is a place to be inspired.”
–Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler

Are you missing the luxurious respite that hotel rooms provide? Longing for a stay-in vacation that doesn’t sacrifice glamor? Hotel Chic is the newest interior design trend that fits that need for pampering. Enjoy the ornate pleasure of a hotel without the insane costs or the physical toll of traveling. 

The key features of the Hotel Chic trend include:

1) Ambient Lighting: the suitable lamps and chandeliers that create a relaxing mood

2) Accent Chairs: a pop of color and print that remind you that you’re not in Kansas anymore

3) And Wallpaper: transport guests into another world with stunning designs that wrap around your rooms like a cozy cocoon

With trendy and chic pieces from IKEA and handmade, artisanal wallpapers from IKEA, we at Rockin Cushions are here to make your hotel dreams in 2021 a reality. Here are some Rockin Cushions arrangements that dive head-first into the world of Hotel Chic – with budget-friendly designs.


c:Koarp Mudcloth Arrows



Go classic with a hotel theme that exudes elegance and taste. Like a hotel room in Manhattan or Paris, this room is perfect for lounging and swirling your wine glass. 



c:Tullsta Hexagon Print



Capture the enchanting color palettes of hotels with a bright theme that teleports you to another world! For an eye-catching hotel theme with a lot of character, this room has all the stunning views of traveling through hotels without the money or flight!


c: Leopard Ektorp Armchair



Embrace your wild side and decorate for the hotel vacation of your dreams! Beaches, safaris, Bahamas – relax in your living room after a long hike or a long nap on the beach with a leopard print chair that brings some new excitement to your home!


c: Henriksdal Floral



Design your home with the graceful beauty of a southern hotel without breaking the bank. With an old-fashioned ebony print and an adorable floral wallpaper, you can practically sleep on a bed of flowers provided by the chic resourcefulness of IKEA and Rockin Cushions slipcovers.


c:Sakarias Banana Leaf Green Print



And finally, last but not least – for those who love the outdoors but are not lovers of the spring florals – roam the forest barefooted with designs that bring you at ease. Make luxury more comfortable with palm leaf designs that bring us back down to earth.


Enjoy hotel luxurious at stay-in prices! Come home to luxury and comfort without the guilt of spending too much. With slipcovers from Rockin Cushions, trendy and thrifty pieces from IKEA, and handmade wallpapers from Spoonflower, your home can become a get-away paradise. No matter your dream vacation – New York, Hawaii, Paris, Rio, and more – you can be everywhere at once with Rockin Cushions’ transformative print slipcovers. 



c:Kathryn Blessington (KTB)

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)