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In our New Year’s Eve Resolutions post, I described mirrors that embody our goals for the new year. In trying to be calmer and down to earth, I talked about The IKEA MISSVEDEN Mirror and its sturdy weave of rattan frame – how the mirror exudes a calmness that reminds us to take a deep breath. And as the days of January 2021 unfold one after the other, I realize I’m going to need to manifest a lot more calmness this year.

So I went down the IKEA Rattan rabbit hole and found enough home pieces to create a woven rattan nest. And although I’m not going to go so far as buy everything listed (probably), just one of these rattan home pieces can trigger the waft of waves blowing in your ears, the grind of smooth sand beneath your curling toes, and the icy chill of a cold beer in your hand as you watch the sun fall on your beachy shore. 

I need a lot of that energy right now, so let’s dive into IKEA’s hottest rattan items: 


c:IKEA Agen Chair



This AGEN Armchair invites nature into your home with style. With angled back legs and curved backing, this chair innovates rattan and makes it new. Whether you live on the shore or in the city, this chair is a chic addition to any room. 


c:IKEA Ravidken Chair



If rattan’s naturally light color is not mature enough for your tastes, the RÅDVIKEN Armchair’s dark color will give your home the sophistication you desire. The dark chocolate-woven texture lends a new complexity to rattan that will fit perfectly into any contemporary home. 






The ULRIKSBERG Armchair modernizes its rattan texture with ease. Innovating the rattan texture into aunique structure, the ULRIKSBERG takes rattan to new heights. Compliment any room with this contemporary chamelion that blends seamlessly with any design template.  





If you’re looking less for a centerpiece and would rather put rattan into the details of your home, this BUSKBO Plant Stand is the perfect way to slip in nature through the backdoor. With a stylish design that takes you right to the shore, this plant stand will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to your home.





Want to weave rattan into your home in an intricate fashion? The LUSTIGKURRE Basket is an adorable addition to any kitchen, laundry room, or anywhere that could use more organization. With an intricate woven design, there home piece is perfect for decluttering and getting a start on spring cleaning. 





GAMLEHULT Ottoman with Storage is a chic and versatile home piece that belongs in your living room. With a modern twist on rattan, this piece is not only beautiful but functional with a new nook perfect for books, games, or cats. Combine chic design with clean organization with the GAMLEHULT.


c:IKEA Solleron




And finally, the SOLLERÖN Outdoor Sofa is already a Rockin Cushions’ rattan garden furniture favorite. Transform your patio into a cozy outdoor den with a rattan outdoor couch that blends in while giving your backyard some stylish. Spice up your couch with some Rockin Cushions slipcovers, like our classic black and white cabana stripe covers and Green Banana Leaf Jungle Print IKEA Outdoor Slip Cover.

So don’t knock rattan until you try it. For the new year, get bold with your interior design and try out a piece of rattan piece of home decor. Bring beach life to you and breathe in relaxing design. 


Kathryn Blessington