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How to Sell or Repurpose Your Second-Hand IKEA Furniture

2020, among many other– frankly too many– titles, is now being called, “The Golden Age of Second-Hand Furniture,” according to The New York Times. Many people moving out are listing their furniture online, while others with boredom-induced decorating are buying them to create their reclusive nest. What was once a personal trend, however, is now transitioning into brands, as IKEA announces its new buyback program. IKEA is buying back assembled furniture. Whether it’s barely used or overused, the quality of the product doesn’t matter– only quantity does. The company stated that it is pushing reusing and refurbishing furniture, “Making sustainable living more simple and accessible, a stand against excessive consumption.” Anything that can’t be sold will be recycled or donated to local charities, as IKEA starts its plan to be climate positive by 2030 by reusing furniture. 


c: IKEA Refurbishing


Unfortunately, although starting next month in Britain, Canada, and 25 other countries, IKEA’s buy back program will not happen in the US– much to the disappointment of many. But that doesn’t mean your IKEA furniture has to be sent back to the dump. Assembled IKEA furniture is flying off digital shelves on second-hand furniture sites and apps. No matter how easy it is to assemble, I’d rather buy a completed set, which is the opinion of many. On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to give up on your years-old couch. Maybe you’re someone that wants to give an old beauty a second chance with a good sprucing-up and some creative thinking. If that sounds like you, then I would say great minds think alike, because that’s Rockin Cushions mission. 

As a company focused on refurbishing IKEA furniture with designed slipcovers, you would not believe our excitement when we saw the headline, “The Golden Age of Second-Hand Furniture.” It felt too perfect, as if I picked up the morning paper and it read, “Eating Pizza For the Third Time This Week Proves to Have Significant Health Benefits.” Our moment has come to shine. We strive to brighten any piece of furniture, used or not, with a dazzling slipcover that instantly transforms your home.

But we at Rockin Cushions also recognize and relish the excitement of buying something new and starting fresh. So here are some options for US readers who can’t participate in the IKEA buy-back program (for now– finger’s crossed!). Whether you’re looking to get something new or give a used piece a makeover, here are some fun and profitable ways you can update your IKEA furniture:


c: Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace

By far the most popular outlet for selling second-hand furniture, listings on Facebook Marketplace increased nearly 100% since April. Buy or sell locally or from businesses and have it shipped right to your door. Maybe even buy some customization and refurbishing tools to give some love to your fixer-upper. 


c: Next Door App


Next Door

Next Door is a neighborhood hub, bringing neighbors together to exchange advice, services, and goods. Sell your used furniture or search for your next local decor find, all while connecting with your local community.


c: Aptdeco



Find and sell second-hand furniture at AptDeco. You don’t have to break the bank to create a modern interior aesthetic. Shop used and vintage pieces on the app, and have them shipped to your doorstep. 

And that’s just a few sites! There’s plenty of options to get rid of that old piece; but if you want to give your lemon another chance without major reupholstery, here’s how you can polish it with Rockin Cushions:


IKEA Velvet Slipcovers

Give your old furniture a truly glamorous makeover with our velvet slipcovers. If you’re going to refurbish, go all out with a cover that pops. Make your second-hand furniture shine with bold colors with velvet spunk.


IKEA Linen Slipcovers

Try our linen covers to give your old piece some true elegance. Match the expensive taste of West Elm or Restoration Hardware without breaking the bank. Cover your used furniture with comfortable covers that exude high-end sleek.


Animal Print

Finally, revive your old pieces with a completely different flavor. Dazzle your guests with a living room popping with animal prints; from leopard to cow print, your home will go from used to fresh. Revive your second-hand furniture with striking patterns that impress any visitors.

Whether you’re ready to sell, or you’re looking to elevate the old furniture that still gives you joy, Rockin Cushions has the tips and slipcovers to help update your home. No matter what you choose to do, your home will be better for it. Join the Golden Age of Second-Hand Furniture and make your home sustainably stylish! 

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