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GrandMillennial Design and Decorating Tips

I’m a little sick of all-white interior design. It’s clean and chic, sure, but where’s the person behind the furniture? Where’s the individuality? Personally, I don’t believe modern design should just be defined by a cold monochromatic palette. It’s not my style, and it’s definitely not Rockin Cushion’s style either. We are a company that relishes colors and patterns; as our founder Michelle has stated, “I’ll design in beige if asked, but I’m not going to advertise beige in my shop.” At Rockin Cushions, we want to design like we fingerpaint: adding our touch into every detail. Bold, colorful, unique– style that’s not afraid to experiment. Better to clash and learn than to never paint your canvas. You have to fill the space with a style that speaks volumes to who you are. That’s what makes it home sweet home.

But now there’s a style that caters to that need for individuality. Introducing GrandMillenial. Coined by House Beautiful last fall, this style pays homage to the old while still moving design forward. GrandMillenial takes the nostalgia of your Grandma’s house– toile, plaid, and floral– and gives it a 21st century makeover. To quote Better Homes & Gardens

With big doses of pattern and texture, the granny-chic look reflects twenty-and thirty-somethings' desire for a space that shows off their individuality.”


c: Grandmillenial Dining Room


We’re not the only ones getting tired of blank living rooms. As GrandMillenial gains more popularity, it’s become clear to us that it's time to fully rebel against all-white design. It’s time to add some color to your home. This style is for those of us who want to mix patterns and prints, but lose confidence after staring at Instagram post after Instagram post of all-white design. GrandMillenial is here to give you the strength to be bold. And we at Rockin Cushions are here to arm you with all the patterns you’ll need. 

When decorating with GrandMillenial in mind, you’ll want to stick to a tight color palette. That way, you can go all in on patterns without overwhelming your living room. And since GrandMillenial is all about expressing yourself, we’ve selected color palettes that fit any personality. Here are some GrandMillenial slipcovers that give voice to your inner-modern-grandma:


Bold Red Palette (With a Touch of Navy)

The Red Color Palette is for the bold. The Inner-Grandma who’s aged out of self-consciousness and isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. The Santa Maria Gem Knopparp slipcover dazzles with a mesmerizing print, basking in golds and blues— this chair is everything all-white design is not. Red is such a bold color, however, that diving too deep into the shade is to risk dulling its impact. That’s why our Velvet Navy Tullsta cover is your most important asset. The navy blue’s subtlety gives the spotlight to the Santa Maria, while its velvet sheen imbeds extra style into your living room. Although navy blue is a far cry away from red, it’ll punch up your living room just the same. Finally, the navy check Nils chair ties it all together. With a structured blue and white plaid, this slipcover adds a nice contrast with a cohesive design.


Chill Blue Palette

Blue may be a chill color, but this shade is anything but boring at Rockin Cushions. For the Inner-Grandma retired by the beach who’s learned to relax in style, our Teal Pink Banana Leaf Koarp slipcover sings with vibrant design. The pink blend with the blues to create a tropical paradise in your living room. Coupled with our Boho Indigo Ektorp cover, these two patterns together polish your blues with a modern sheen. This indigo slipcover elevates the Banana Leaf’s tropical style into a chic and contemporary style. And the pastel blue dot Henriksdal barstool cover links the room together with a bright and an understated pattern. As a unit, this color palette excites with fun design while immediately inviting guests to sink into the covers and relax.


Chic Pink Palette

Pink often tends to be defined as gentle and sweet, but the shade also possesses an edge that reveals itself when paired with the right patterns. Our Blush PinkVelvet Ektorp slipcover lifts any room with its soft pop of color, while our Boho Mudcloth Arrows slipcover for the IKEA Knopparp sofa brings out the edge in the blush. Modernizing the pink with a striking black and white print, this slipcover breaks expectations and makes jaws drop. And to really shake up your pinks, pair the Boho Arrows with the ultimate GrandMillenial center piece: the Colorful White Floral Sakarias chair cover. White floral is the ultimate grandma memory, saddled right between teacup cabinets and balls of yarn. Our GrandMillenial floral slipcover pays homage to that nostalgic pattern while spicing up traditional design. Our Floral pattern blends black, white, and pink all together into a cover that comforts just as much as it dazzles. United, these pinks meld the soft and hard together into sleek home design.


c:Gold IKEA Slipcovers


Bombshell Gold Palette

Yellow is an unexpected base color, but when patterns align, this color is a true wow-factor. Surprise guests with a living room that glows with smart design. Our Santa Maria Adobe Knopparp Cover elevates your home with a bright and elegant pattern. That classical Damask print, fit for the cheery inner-grandma of graceful taste, gets a bold and colorful boost at Rockin Cushions. And to further your palette, push your patterns with our Velvet Golden Yellow Poang cover. This slipcover grounds the Damask with a solid tone, transforming your traditional home into a contemporary masterpiece. Finally, our Vine Yellow Bohemian Slipcover blends the look together with a shade of yellow that shines. Designed with an intricate yet subtle print, the Bohemian Vine Slipcover ties your room together while making sure every detail of your home dazzles. At Rockin Cushions, we make golden design easy. 

GrandMillenial design is here for all those creative souls out there who want to go bold. Unleash your inner-grandma and blend the old with the new. At Rockin Cushions, we here to help make your home a work of art, so don’t be afraid to mix and match! With all these colors and patterns at your fingertips, you’ll never look at all-white design the same way again. There’s clean design, and then there’s blank canvases just waiting for your antique paint brush.



Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)

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