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Kate Decorates Dining Room

Photo: Kate Decorates


At the top of many homeowners’ wish list is an intimate place to gather and linger in great company of family and friends. Our dining areas don't necessarily have to be lavish, but how you plan to use the space with the right seating, decor, and lighting can go a long way in making the room feel inviting enough to foster conversation and inspire appetites.

As one of the most essential rooms in the house, a dining room that’s thoughtfully conceived can be an invaluable centerpiece — most importantly one that fits with the rest of your home. Inspiration for cohesive dining furniture and decor can come in many shapes and forms, so below we share design ideas you can easily tackle to create an elevated dining room experience. 


Use Warm Neutrals to Create Intimacy

The secret ingredient to a truly magical dining experience is to start off with creating a cozy, comfortable atmosphere that provokes intrigue and lead to conversation among guests. Blending warm neutrals together can look great in a monochrome space, especially when teamed with plush seating, wood tones, indoor greenery, natural elements, and dim lighting. 


Regan Baker Design 

Bergmund Black Faux Cow Hide

Bergmund Navy Blue Cabana Stripe


A mix of textures completely transform a space and lends extra dimension that’s out of the ordinary. Think warm terracotta, classic beige, misty mauve, muted taupe, rich pewter gray, subtle creams, or crisp white for a clean and bright slate… and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated effect that invites you to relax!


Choose a Set of Comfy Dining Room Chairs

As a gathering spot, it’s virtually unthinkable to enjoy your dining experience without a great set of comfortable dining chairs. When decorating your home, crucial is the aesthetic moment, but functionality and practicality should never be an afterthought.  


The big question — what type of dining chairs am I supposed to buy? Well, it depends on your overall aesthetic, but your selection should be compatible with your table’s scale and style too. The common element: your pieces need to look good together. 


IKEA Bergmund Dining Covers


Chairs come in all colors, form and style — they can be formal or casual, they can be neutral, they can be elaborate with a punchy 'wow' factor, or you can simply mix and match the design and/or style when it makes sense for the space. No matter which style you choose, dining chairs should add visual interest and panache to the home, comfort is always key nonetheless.


On the other hand, an upholstered chair is the ultimate in comfort. If you have a set that needs a style lift, there’s absolutely no reason not to dress to impress — the chairs that is! Slipcovers like the IKEA Bergmund Slipcovers keep your dining chairs looking new and comfortable, while minimizing the worry of spills or stains.


Offering a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, the Bergmund collection is an ideal solution to spice up your dining room decor. Opt for Navy Blue Cabana Stripe to add a crisp touch to Hamptons décor setting, a touch of Plaid Buffalo Check Black to complete formal monochromatic interiors, Swaying Palms for a bold tropical adventure, or Blush Pink Velvet for understated chic elegance. 


Define Your Dining Area with a Rug

An area rug not only add comfort and style, but can effectively anchor your table and chair arrangement in a free-flowing living space. Defining your eating area and supporting furnishings makes the whole room visually pleasing — even a rug in a similar tone to the existing floor will create an opulent island on which to welcome your guests. 


Sculptural lighting makes a striking statement

Branching chandelier adds a refining touch 


Oversized pendant lights in multiples set the perfect mood for entertaining. A sculptural chandelier fitting with geometric glass pendants that mirror the shape of the room can effortlessly establish a desired high-end scene. 


Sconces lend streamlined sensibility to a dining room and are an easy design upgrade that makes a huge impact. Create an interesting display by merging multiple light sources at different heights to maintain a flattering and sophisticated finish, so opt for a variety of sconces, ceiling lights, and candles. 


Take it all the way to the island

Dining room means something different to everyone: a formal room that serves as an intimate setting for gatherings with close friends, a small but warm breakfast nook to share with the entire family, or a few bar stools propped up against your kitchen island. 


For an unconventional (but oh-so-comfortable) seating arrangement, consider how you can use the kitchen island for relaxed dining. Regardless of size, the perfect union of style and function can help keep this part of your home fresh. 


If the island provides the only eating area in the room, bar stools designed for comfort will always increase its versatility. The Bergmund bar stool slipcovers are a great way to spruce up the look of your sociable island seating. 


A modern or contemporary kitchen design calls for the White Linen slipcover while the Jewel Tones slipcover is chic enough to spark intrigue and fascination when teamed with crisp white furnishings. So, if you’ve been living with stools that you’ve simply fallen out of love with, slipcovers are the perfect reason to upgrade, no matter your design aesthetics.