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Art Deco, one of the most iconic styles of the twentieth century, was all about adding visual drama and bringing it into a cosmopolitan lifestyle. A distinctive flair oozing opulence and glamour, Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is strategically eclectic and distinguished by boldly delineated patterns, luxe fabrics, strong colors, and decadent detail work. Not to mention, layers upon layers of everything!


 Architectural Digest


Think striking geometric shapes and silhouettes, gleaming statement lighting and over-the-top artwork, extravagant furniture with distinct lines adorned with exuberant patterns, and bold fabrics that exude drama, similar to the Hollywood Regency style.

The current obsession around statement pieces and geometric details is one of the reasons why this sophisticated style works beautifully in modern homes. For inspiration, we share 5 ways you can bring all the aesthetic flair of the Roaring ’20s to your IKEA decorated room.


Furniture - The Bolder the Better

Bold and high-contrast color palettes iconic of the Art Deco was a striking way of evoking drama and grandeur. Today, vibrant accents can bring on the art revival vibe into your interior space instantly, simply by upgrading with slipcovers. Opt for lavish and soft fabrics such as velvet, that are luxurious for the eye and the touch — deep, energetic colors such as reds, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples.


 Bold Art Decor furniture
IKEA Sakarias chair in blush pink velvet
IKEA Ektorp sofa in green velvet


Complete the look for your furniture with custom legs in high-shine silver, gold, chrome. We love these gold tipped legs from Pretty Pegs. Furnish with accents in black, polished wood and lacquered furniture common to the period.


Unleash Your Wild Side

Alongside velvet and leather, catchy fabrics in zebra, tiger, and leopard print are requisite Art Deco features as well. The bold and sweeping statement of animal print will add a sense of adventure, diversity and glamour to your interior in a way that few other looks do. Incorporating the IKEA Strandmon Chair Cover in brown leopard is an attention-grabbing move and would look captivating alongside your Art Deco-inspired idea. We also love this upcycled IKEA Besta cabinet in cheetah wallpaper by Fun Life Urban Decor.

 IKEA Strandmon Leopard Cover
Upcycled IKEA Besta Cabinet


Jump in at the deep end and choose an animal print area rug and scatter cushions that speak a louder statement — keep the rest of your furnishings subdued. To create the perfect cohesion, if you opt for, say a zebra print, make certain there’s black and white throughout your room. If you decide tiger is for you, ensure there’s warm wooden furniture or flooring, amber accents and pulses of black present in the room. The more confident and venturesome you are with using bold prints, the greater the effect!


Focus on Geometric Pattern

Stylized geometric forms with vertical lines, trapezoids, chevrons, triangles, squares or rectangles motifs, are fundamental characteristics of Art Deco and should fill your room; popping up obviously and discreetly throughout the design. Go for strong, streamlined shapes with no fussiness or romance in sight.


To bring the flair into your home, upscale fabric covers with a strong geometric appeal, like the IKEA KOARP Slip Cover, instantly catch the eye and will easily make your room come alive. Soften up sharp edges with touches of creams and beiges and add a statement piece, such as this IKEA gold pendant lamp hack.


Explore Monochromatic Elegance

To take the pain out of the need for making decisions on what colors work best together, opting for a monochromatic color palette is visually interesting and very, very cool. Sure, variation is important in Art Deco design, but you can infuse an air of elegance and intrigue with textural contrast and tonal nuances.

For instance, the pairing of black and white creates a sense of approachable luxury — visually eye-catching and easy to pull off. Black and white checkerboard tiles, wallpaper, slip covers, and artwork are the ultimate in chic sophistication.


Monochrome Art Deco Bedroom 
IKEA Eket Dresser Hack
IKEA Knopparp Slip Cover


And finally, if your taste veers towards the ornate and jewel-like, finely detailed living room and bedroom furniture crafted from high gloss metals and high gloss lacquer are sure to create a striking focal point that lends exuberant style and luxurious feel. 

Deluxe materials like marble, as well as rare and dark woods like ebony feature heavily in an Art Deco room. Elegant and sleek mirrors and a chandelier with a modern take on Art Deco make any room look polished. Bold oil paintings and sculptural table lamps and vases bring visions of Great Gatsby-esque design to mind. This decor style is not for the faint hearted. If you love dramatics, then go as bold as you dare!