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Bauhaus Design and Decor; Spontaneous Minimalism by Rockin Cushions

c:Bauhaus Design

“[Bauhaus is a design movement that embodies the spirit of the modern age … it had come from an era of economic turmoil and cultural conservatism, and it offered a truly radical, international and optimistic vision of the future…”


The Bauhaus Style is more than 100 years old but continues to inspire the most current artists – from architecture to painters to interior designers. Started in 1913 by German Modernist Walter Gropius, the movement aimed to make art functional. The Bauhaus influence is no dollhouse aesthetic; minimalist in its practicality but bold with its colors, the Bauhaus style imbeds spontaneity into simplicity and transforms the every day into a whimsical feast. 


The Bauhaus Influence reimagines minimalism with a keen sense of joy that make simple shapes pop with vivid colors. And today, this vision of sustainable conservatism paired with an individualistic and unapologetic flair perfectly embodies our present mindset: that design and fashion must create with as little waste as possible help the planet they inhabit. And the Bauhaus style is both responsible and convivial. The stark, geometric shapes in bold colors give homeowners the chance to be daring and personal with their design. Even after a hundred years, the Bauhaus mission of functional art from the heart continues to ring true. 


We at Rockin Cushions uphold bold and sustainable design as our primary design mission, so we are obsessed with the Bauhaus Influence. To those wanting to embrace the loud yet straightforward techniques without breaking the bank on outrageous, non-minimalist prices, we’re here to help. 


Here are some Rockin Cushions + IKEA arrangements that embody the Bauhaus style to give you bold colors and shapes without excessive costs. 


c: IKEA Outdoor Orange Covers

Embrace happiness daringly with a bright orange palette that brings out the joy of Bauhaus. Elevate minimalism with a 70s-inspired design with a groove embedded in its cushions.


c:IKEA Knopparp Black Cover


For a sophistication that whisks you away to a new world of design like a far-away hotel, this dark palette is full of prints that make the most of IKEA’s affordable furniture.


c:IKEA Knopparp sofa navy blue velvet


Dive into a cool ocean with waves curling over you for a salty embrace with this blue-toned palette. With shimmering navy velvet and a sharp lamp pendant overhead, this room shows off the Bauhaus Influence’s ability to wow with a single shade. 



c:IKEA Knopparp, Nils cover, gold velvet


Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring – be ornate with this gold-infused Bauhaus palette. Charm guests with a hint of stylish prints that highlights your glamorous lifestyle without bragging. 


c:IKEA Tullsta Pink Velvet Cover


And finally, like a rosy oasis in a desert, this pink Bauhaus palette livens up your living room with bright velvets and calming taupes. With an unmatchable brightness that will cheer up your home, this room embodies the mission of Bauhaus: to be both practical and inspiring. 


So like the many designers of both past and present generations, have fun with the Bauhaus Influence and make art accessible. Design your home with a flair that amazes guests but doesn’t make them afraid to sit down. With vivid colors that make the most of IKEA’s comfortable shapes, our Rockin Cushions slipcovers will transform your home into artsy Bauhaus bliss. 



c:Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)

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