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c: Holiday Wreaths


Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to skip over Fall quite yet. The jack o'lanterns may be starting to turn, and your neighbors are wrapping up the cobwebs, but maybe you’re not ready to leave Autumn behind. If you want to keep celebrating the season, here’s a way for you to decorate outside of the box with a well-known piece of home decor. One way you can stretch the Fall season out– before the overwhelming hurricane of Christmas decorations arrive– is with this beautiful fall wreath DIY. For those fall-season lovers, our founding designer Michelle Van Der Water has created a lovely fall wreath for November. For those disappointed by the rotting pumpkins who want a decoration that lasts all of fall and more, here’s how to create the perfect fall wreath in a few easy steps:  

  1. First, shape some wire into a wreath.
  2. Then, trim some flowers– real or  fake, although fake will be easier– leaving 2-3in of stem.
  3. Finally, crown the pumpkin with your new wreath for a majestically adorable, flower-crown decoration. 

It’s that easy! Michelle recently showed her viewers how to create a beautiful door wreath, giving your home a glamorous touch– using a vertical garden panel and ornaments from the 99cent Store:

But on the other hand, maybe you’re ready for the trick or treat-less Halloween season to be over. Christmas fever is strong. After all, glittering pine trees and streets aglow with reindeer and sleigh lights strung high above can always put a smile on my face. If that sounds like you, we’ve got the list of artisanal wreaths you can order to satisfy your early jolly craving: 


c: Lynch Farm Wreath


Lynch Creek Wreaths

For gorgeous home-delivered wreaths, steeped in a long history of service, look no further than Lynch Creek Farms. Handcrafted and sustainable– only trimming branches, never cutting down trees– Lynch Creek is the perfect resource for dazzling and environmental decorations for the Christmas-enthusiast with a green thumb and heart.

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Creekside Wreaths


Creekside Farms

Creekside delivers naturally artisanal wreaths that exude chic decor for any season. Family-owned and family-made, these wreaths well give your home both the Christmas spirit and a timeless flair. Choose from a wide variety of wreaths fitting into anytime of year for any kind of personality.


White Flower Farm


White Flower Farm

A family-owned nursery gardening since 1950, White Flower Farm brings stunning and richly detailed wreaths to your doorstep. Operated by trained horticulturalists dedicated to quality without sacrificing quantity, White Flower Farm’s mission hinges on making sure your jaw drops when your wreaths arrive in full bloom. 


Whether you relish the month of November or want to skip straight ahead into the holidays, Rockin Cushions is here to provide you with all the DIY hacks and shopping tips you need to celebrate in style. Get festive with some Rockin holiday decorating! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel here.


Happy Holidays!


Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)