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Not all that glitters is gold– sometimes it’s velvet. The sleek shine, the rich and lush texture that drapes with the dramatic heft of a renowned operatic singer: velvet is the decadent treat we could all use this year. The fabric works any time of year, but fits the holiday season especially well. And even though Thanksgiving is still weeks away, this year I think we can all benefit from starting the holiday celebration a little early, and velvet is the best (if not the most subtle) way to do it. 

Like an ornament on a christmas tree, velvet glimmers with spirit and style. And at Rockin Cushions, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways you can bring the lush fabric into your home for the holidays. Deck the halls with velvet, starting with: 


c: Velvet Blankets

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Cradle yourself in luxury with plush blankets and sink into the heavy velvet pressing down on your shoulders. AmoreBeaute’s Blue Grey Velvet Cotton Quilt delivers that zen comfort for a discounted low price, while West Elm's Lush Velvet Tack Stitch Quilt swallows you in a lavish softness that can’t be beat. And LualaSilk’s Vibrant Silk Velvet Throw Blanket Quilt Bedspreads provide a rainbow of velvet to select from. Pick your fancy and become immersed in velvet coziness.


c: Velvet Pajamas



For comfort you never want to take off, velvet pajamas are as comfortable as they are fashionable. This Natori Velour jumpsuit brings the wine colored charm with timeless luxury, while the Bare Necessities' Velour Teal Pajama Set and its adorable off the shoulder chicness delivers stylish comfort to your bedroom. Pair them with some chic velvet mules for greeting visitors. Finally, if you’re looking for velvet with patterns of equal boldness, Natural Animal Velour Pajama Set wraps you in the luxury fabric with a fun animal print– who said pajamas have to be boring? Any one of these pajama sets will put you right to sleep without ever being dull, carrying off into velvety dreams.


c: Velvet Candle



Velvet is a texture that favors all your senses: the rich visual texture, then – even the smell exudes the comfort of a fireplace on Christmas Eve. Craft & Kin’s Violet Velvet Candle allows you experience velvet with all your senses and embrace the holiday season to its fullest.


c: Velvet Wallpaper



Create a velvet nest with walls that help your home glisten like a holiday gift box. Society 6’s Soft Rose Gold Velvet Wallpaper wraps you up with the chic rose gold that wows all year long, while I Love Wallpaper’s Crushed Metallic Velvet Wallpaper brings the cool Winter Wonderland outside into your home. 


c: Velvet Curtains



Velvet is a texture meant to be draped dramatically; in other words, velvet was born to be curtains. Cover your home with rich elegance using IKEA Sanela Velvet Curtains, as the vivid dark green accentuates the holiday wreaths and pine trees outside. With velvet that makes the affordable priceless, these curtains secure and cushion your home with holiday flair. 


c: Velvet Cake



Like I said before, velvet is an experience for all your senses– including taste. Bring some velvety sweetness into your home with Buddy Valestro’s Red Velvet Cake ingredients and recipe. Taste the rich texture of the holidays.


Velvet IKEA Slipcovers

Finally, deck out your home with some bold Rockin Cushions velvet covers that will dazzle guests all year long. From the sleek Navy Blue IKEA SKRUVSTA Velvet Chair Cover that brightens your office, the Green IKEA NILS Chair Cover slipping effortless style into your dining room, or the Blush Pink Velvet IKEA TULLSTA Chair Cover that delivers a light-hearted spirit to your living room.  Maintaining that jolly holiday feeling with stylish home decor that lifts your spirits through the holidays and onwards into next year. 

So if you’re looking for an excuse to get started on the holidays, we’re giving it to you. Get a head start this season and and enjoy this ornate texture in all its forms. Take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the velvety possibilities! 




Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)