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Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Christmas Holidays

c:Ektorp Armchair Christmas Cover

Above: Custom IKEA Ektorp Christmas Cover 


Can you feel the excitement of the holidays approaching yet? It’s never too early to start preparing for this fun season. Start planning ahead and gathering ideas so you can make this season as festive as it can be. Given how much there is to do, from shopping and meal planning to decorating, planning ahead for Christmas is the golden key to protecting your sanity. You’re guaranteed to have a less stressful December if you prepare early. And you’ll enjoy spending more time with your family and filling your home with as much Christmas spirit as possible.

Speaking of home, don’t worry about your decorating plans. You don’t need a big budget because you can just Do-It-Yourself! Not only does this help you save a few bucks, but it also gives you an opportunity to sit down and enjoy some crafts with the family to get you all in the Yuletide spirit. A few fun DIY ideas you can try would be glittery stars, snowman socks, or Christmas tree ornaments made of felt or twine. And you can spread these decors all over your house!


Make your Front Door Festive

Greet your guests with a festive-looking front door. It can be simple or more ornate. You can use the usual things like Christmas tree branches, wreaths, ornaments, and ribbons to make a really nice arch for the entrance.

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Add Cheer to Your Staircase

You can’t ignore the staircase. It’s a huge opportunity to add some festive cheer to the house. Decorate the guardrails and the finials, and don’t forget the string lights. They’ll look magical at night.

Take Advantage of Your High Ceilings

If your living room has a high ceiling, then what could you possibly be waiting for? Go get the biggest Christmas tree you can find (that will still fit) — a majestic element all would love to have in their homes for the holidays.

Decorate Your Walls with Christmas Art

Special occasions require special decor solutions. Replace your usual wall decor with Christmas art. It’s a fun and simple project to make your walls lovely to look at.

And if you have enough space for it, why not create a gallery wall? HomeServe Living’s resident DIY enthusiast Laura Rudd explains how this can let you showcase a wonderful set of images related to your family and the holidays. It can be easily customizable depending on your home’s existing interiors and what Christmas means to you. So just pick a room that you think needs more life, and add Christmas images, patterns, or colors to the first wall you see when you enter. Use the festive season as an excuse to bring out your creative side.

Deck the Windows

Not sure where else to display your lovely ornaments this Christmas? How about the windows? Hang Christmas balls, wreaths, and whatever you can make yourself. But keep the whole arrangement simple. You want the room to look festive, not overwhelming. It would also be nice if you could still look through the windows.

Enhance your Dining with Candles and Centerpieces

Candles are a Christmas staple. They’re one of those things you use as decor without even thinking. This year, make something special. Make your own candle votives using a tall glass, glue, and seasonal tree branches.

Shelterness lists other cool IKEA decor hacks for Christmas, including a super cozy Christmas centerpiece, using an IKEA ROTERA lantern with some evergreens and snowy pinecones .

Beautify your Mantel

Anyone who has a fireplace will appreciate how versatile the mantel is. It always changes its look with the seasons and holidays. It’s time for your mantel to put on its Christmas outfit. Hang a wreath and decorate it with candles, ornaments, and everything else.

c: Christmas Couch

Make the Couch Look Christmassy

If your couch looks dull, you may want to make it stand out with Christmas designs, using pillowcases with Christmas colors and patterns you’ve sewn or knitted yourself. And one good tip is to dress the furniture with Christmas colors that actually work all year-round, like this gorgeous dark green velvet slipcover for the IKEA Tullsta armchair. This doesn’t only make your furniture Christmassy, but it can last even after the holidays. Or perhaps you want to go all out on a custom cover, like the red print for the IKEA Ektorp sofa above.

Christmas is here and it is time to transform your home. We hope our tips have given you some Christmassy ideas that will look great and won’t break the bank.


Love a vintage Christmas..? Watch our interview with merchandiser and decorator, Austin Ross-Ramirez!

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