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Easy and beautiful ways to update your home for Spring

Spring is here! And one thing comes to mind - a good spring clean. But why stop there? Updating your home for spring is as easy as switching out warm textured accents, with bright crisp designs. As the weather warms and flowers begin to grow and bloom, so too should we be preparing to turn over a new leaf in life. 

There is nothing so invigorating as stripping off winter layers to embrace a new beginning. While a good fur is cozy for the fireplace, a new fresh aesthetic will update your home in time for breezy mornings and sunny afternoons for the summer months ahead.

Some easy steps to update your home include ~


Winter was all about creating a warm atmosphere with campfire scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and sandalwood. For spring, seasonal scents such as lemon, strawberry and citrus aromas best. Rosemary, mint, and sage are also perfect for warming days.


Heavy drapes such as velvet, to keep out the cold and trap in heat, are great for winter. But now the sun is peeking through, it's time to let it in! Switch out your curtains for some light linen, cotton or printed fabrics. Try layering with block out curtains to have the best of both during the day and night. 

update your home rockin cushions

Even better are IKEA's new Gunrid air-purifying curtains. Made from recycled PET-bottles, they break down common indoor air pollutants.

update your home rockin cushions


An easy update to your home's couch and chairs are new pillow covers. Just slip them over your original cushions and voila! We have a variety of ready-made covers in our outlet section, in many unique designs. Don't be afraid to choose the ones you love and throw them together. The best rooms are made by happy accidents.

update your home rockin cushions


Floral arrangements in winter sometimes mean getting creative with wild garden plants, such as rustic cotton stems, dried flowers, and succulents. With a new bloom in spring, replace those dust collectors with fresh local flowers found at your local farmers market, or garden. Tulips like the ones below are perfect for a bright pop of color on your table.

update your home rockin cushions


Finally, to make the biggest impact to your room, replace your IKEA chair cover with a fresh look for spring. Heavy textures were a great option for winter, but bold florals and plant themed prints will get you in the mood for warmer weather. Here are our best sellers right now:     

update your home rockin cushions

update your home rockin cushions

update your home rockin cushions

 If you have made the transition to spring, we would love to see it! Post on our Facebook group to share your ideas. Join now. 

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