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Pantone's color of the year for 2020 is "Classic Blue". Vivid blues in home decor - walls, furniture, accents, accessories. 

Growing up on the south east coast of Australia, the bushland at the bottom of my house was dense and unique. I was fascinated by the various birds and animals that quietly made their nests. Their only disturbance were curious young children like myself, perhaps deciding to get lost for a few minutes walking on their way back from school.

Reading "Possum Magic" a few too many times, and encouraged by the adventures of "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie", I often wandered into these unknown forests of my little beach town. Most of the time the chance of glimpsing an eel in the creek, a blue tongue lizard or anything more interesting than a cockatoo was slim. But one day I got the surprise of my life and stumbled upon...a Lyrebird nest.

Pantene Color of the Year 2020 - CLASSIC BLUE

 While Pantone palette may be not so common in nature, guess who had the exact same taste in home decor? None other than a male Lyrebird! They decorate their nests with bright blue objects to attract females and have been known to steal more than a few objects from your backyard.

So secret and strange, this habitat is a delicate practice rarely witnessed. These objects are everything they can get their beaks on - clothes pegs, straws, shiny plastic wrappers, feathers, even bits of clothing. The nest of random blue objects was spectacular! What kind of crazy animal does this..? Birds and....HUMANS.

Now, it's official. We are not so different from our furry friends. Pantone's Classic Blue is gracing the pages of many Pinterest boards, IG accounts and the like. And here at Rockin Cushions, we have had our eye on the color for a while now. Why I had this particular childhood memory I have no idea. It could've been any number of "blue" memories from my past. But it did give me a warm fuzzy feeling. The one you get when something reminds you of home. Just like Possum Magic.


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