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4 Best Home Decor Trends 2020

As with every year, there seems to be a few decor trends happening simultaneously in the home decor arena. The question is, which one is right for you..? If you're thinking you need to pick one over another, guess again! Many interior designers are able to combine different styles to create beautiful rooms. Below are a few examples of how to pull off each trend in a not-so-typical way.

1. Animal Prints

It's very easy to make a room look like straight out of the Jungle Book. And believe me, it would be fabulous! Animal prints walk a fine line however. If you do too much, you risk a tacky 80's voodoo lounge vibe. Too little and it never really makes a statement. But the best thing about animal prints is that they constantly cycle in and out of the decades. That zebra accent chair, will stand the test of time in years to come. 

To keep animal prints looking fresh, opt for current variations on the theme. Leopard and cheetah prints are making a big impact this year in different colors. Surround them with other furnishings to create your ideal look. Whether it's Boho or Art Deco, animal prints are a great investment. For an easy makeover, considering updating your IKEA chairs with a new slipcover in our leopard print fabric.


ic:IKEA Koarp Leopard Slipcover




ic:Cheetah Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio


2. Ticking Stripe

Classic coastal decor is not going anywhere anytime soon! But although ticking stripe fits perfectly in this category, it's also so versatile across many other decor styles. From preppy bedroom to farmhouse chic, ticking stripe transitions easily from room to room. One of our bestsellers is navy ticking stripe for IKEA Henriksdal dining chairs and Ektorp sofas.


ic:IKEA Ektorp Armchair Navy Ticking Stripe




3. Florals

If you're been to IKEA lately, you will see that bold florals are making a statement. Dark blush and burgundy tones are matched with shades of green to create a mood all of its own. Gone are the days when florals are just for dressing up little girls' rooms! Use large scale prints and contrast with solids, stripes and patterns to form an eclectic, sophisticated room. We feature the prints "Candid Moment" and "Santa Maria" to make your IKEA furniture stand out.


ic:Santa Maria Desert Flower IKEA Knopparp Slipcover


ic:Candid Moment Ebony

4. Velvet

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete with possibly the most popular trend right now - velvet! Conjure up feelings of luxury as you sip a martini on your IKEA - I mean vintage - slipper chair, covered in a smooth rich fabric of vibrant color. Pantone's color of the year is perfect to upgrade something generic, like this Skruvsta swivel chair. Your office will thank you!


ic:IKEA Skruvsta Blue Velvet Slipcover


ic:www.decoraonline.com. This could be your IKEA sofa!

Pulling it all together...

In researching for this post, I came across this image by House Beautiful, which really shows how you can tie this year's home decor trends all together. This gorgeous room features a two tone color scheme of pink and blue. Animal print pillows, a ticking stripe sofa, bold florals and a chambray velvet couch couldn't be more on point. Experiment with your own creativity! Remember, there is no right or wrong if you love it. 


ic:House Beautiful

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