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Want to take your home to the next interior design level? Transform your walls from a slab to hang art on to a work of art itself. The power of designer wallpaper is undeniable – a dazzling pattern can transform your home into the front cover for Elle Decor. But can you afford to decorate like those homes on magazines and Instagram? Yes! With these online shops that carry a comprehensive variety of artisan wallpaper design: Wayfair, Spoonflower, and MuralsYourWay.




Wayfair is an American E-Commerce website defined by its practicality, where you buy home decor and even sell your own. Spoonflower is the stop for all home-made patterns and designs; the digital printing company prints home-made wallpaper, fabrics, and more! And MuralsYourWay updates your home with stylish design and even allows you to print custom-designed murals from art or even photos. 

Any of these sites will elevate your home from ordinary to extraordinary – from standard to trend-setting. And as a company obsessed with patterns and prints, we at Rockin Cushions have explored these sites and found some particular favorites. Here’s our list – room by room – of great wallpapers to change your home from just sweet to stunning.


c:Living room wallpaper



Give your living room a coolness unparalleled in your neighborhood. Spoonflower’s Call of the Mountains (evergreen) Wallpaper by nouveau_bohemian and Indigo Rain Wallpaper by Crystal Walen both bring your home deeper into nature with cool nature prints, which calm the senses like a breath of fresh air. But if you’re more of a city person who lives for the buzz and culture of downtown, Wayfair’s, Margret Brick Peel and Stick Wallpaper will give your home the chic and cozy aesthetics of a New York Soho apartment.


c:kitchen wallpaper



Wayfair’s Magellan Watercolor Herringbone Paintable Peel and Stick Wallpaper Panel gives your kitchen natural and smooth tiling without the toll of time and money of a full remodel. But let's say you’re looking to give your home the bright and uplifting spirit of your grandmother’s kitchen. In that case, Spoonflower’s Bees & Lemons Large Blue Wallpaper by Fernlesliestudi and Sunflowers and cream 7x7 Wallpaper by indybloomdesign will make your chest give a little skip like a little kid on a summer sidewalk and bring a smile to your face.


c:kids bedroom wallpaper



Go bold with patterns your kids will love – get lost in the intricate patterns of these fun designs (staring into the wall has never been so fun!). Spoonflower’s Cute Sloth Hanging Out Wallpaper by Sarah Knight embodies your sleepy toddler’s laziness with an adorable pattern - and maybe, hopefully, inspires your bundle of joy to keep sleeping. For the kids with more edge who can’t get enough of Halloween, Gothic Halloween Monsters Wallpaper by Mint Tulips emboldens its stylish pattern with humor that wins over any visitor to your home. And, the William Morris Strawberry Thief Wallpaper by Peacoquettedesigns works for both kids and adults with a classically gorgeous pattern that always makes you chuckle.


c:Office wallpaper



Get motivated and be the boss you want to be with a home office wallpaper that shows off your fierceness. MURALSYOURWAY’s Cute Tiger Scandinavian Pattern Wallpaper by RF Images gives your office an unexpected pop that energizes anyone trying to get work done. Meanwhile, Spoonflower’s Mod Triangles - white + gold Wallpaper by Crystal_Walen stylizes your office with that modern, clean flair of a high executive’s office. And for that classic office texture that motivates productivity, Wayfair’s Bedard 33' x 20.5" Abstract 3D Embossed Wallpaper has you covered with a traditional embossed wallpaper that will help ground you in your office.


c:Bedroom Wallpaper



Finally, for the room that’s just for you, go all out! With Murals Your Way’s Farmhouse with Birch Trees Wall Mural by Gustav Klimt, you can have a work of art cover your entire wall instead of staying cramped inside a frame. If you want less classic and more edge, Spoonflower’s Black and White Triad Wallpaper by carmeonhamilton will embolden your bedroom with a cool pattern that wows. And finally, if you’ve ever dreamed of waking up in a poppy field, this Genevieve Floral Wallpaper by Crystal_Walen will get you close. Wake up with a vibrant print that rejuvenates you for a new day. 

Don’t be afraid to get bold with your 2021 renovations. Shop around for all kinds of prints that speak to your creative soul. It’s like the Rockin Cushions ethos says: embrace patterns in your home decor. Let those stunning colors flow into your rooms and transform your home into a masterpiece fit for museum display!



c:Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)