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Black History Month: Celebrating Designers of Color

As we head into February and begin our dive into Black History Month We all owe so much to Black History – especially design. From Anne Lowe – who created dresses for the Rockerfellers, Jackie Kennedy, and so many more –  to Harold Curtis Brown – who designed the most iconic Harlem Renaissance nightclubs – to Tracy Reese, a modern designer who pushes vibrant prints and patterns to a new, daring level. Black designers have more than helped lead the design industry to the dizzying heights we take for granted today. 

I don’t want this to be a fleeting post – something to simply pay service to a monthly trend. Reflecting on renowned artist Jean-Louis has said– “Black art is still often treated as a novelty rather than an integral part of our country’s mainstream art culture,” – black art has a priceless impact on our lives that is beyond trends and fads. We at Rockin Cushions wanted to share with you just a few black designers whose work with patterns and prints, our designing ethos, have taken our breath away. 

These designers’ work will transform your home into a work of art that wows at any time of the year. I hope that these designers and their work inspire you this February and far beyond, as you push your embolden your patterns with a new perspective that never fails to stun. 

BeSpoke Binny

Natalie of BeSpokeBinny designs modern African print homeware that revolutionizes your home. A cognitive behavior psychologist, Natalie creates her prints with psychology-powered undertones that brighten your mood. From bedding to lampshades to water bottle covers, BeSpokeBinny will transform any item in your house into a vibrant and priceless piece that never fails to uplift and energize.


c:Bespoke Binny


I Am Ron Nicole

RonNicole’s artwork has the tranquil majesty we could all use right now. Her flower relief artwork – or “floral-inspired fossils” - blends nature and painting into one masterpiece. Combine the beauty inside a frame of art with the beauty outside of it with Nicole’s mesmerizing art with a 3D twist. 




Saudah Saleem Interiors

Saudah Saleem Interiors, “combines the excitement, energy and diversity of the city with the practicality of everyday life.” A designer and fashion-expert, Saleem works intimately with her clients so that every designed room has her client’s personality imbued within her eclectic prints – reimaging old spaces with a refreshing perspective.




Aquilo Interiors

 Aquilo Interiors “embodies the dreamy, immersive and boundary-defying quality of evocative art,” with Carmen Rene at the creative helm. Motivated by three core design principles – soul, precision and wonder – Rene aims to design rooms tailored to you that surpass all expectations. Rene’s passion lies in the blending of patterns, shapes, and colors to create a stunning display that twists the rules of design, paving the path into a new design aesthetic.


Beth Diana Smith

An Eclectic Maximalist, Beth Diana Smith thrives in the intricate details of design. With a modern and luxurious aesthetic, combined with a client-first policy, Smith, “helps each homeowner hone in on their own style and create a space that inspires them and enhances their lifestyle.” To give your home a clean yet ornate style that will make eyes glitter and jaws drop, look no further than Beth Diana Smith for professional design with edge.




As I said before, these are only a few of the many great designers of color out there. You can find more with Black Artists + Designers Guild, which showcases blacktalent and brings up and coming artists into the spotlight. And if for an empowered look you can wear outside of your living room, our Black Lives Matter Masks will enable you to make a long-overdue statement all year long. 


c:Black Lives Matter Face Mask


Let’s learn and grow together, pushing ourselves to listen and put compassion into action. Adding a new designer to your living room may seem like a trivial step forward, but by opening the door to your home to something new, your life will become that much more enjoyable and full. 



c:Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)

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