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A Simple Life Well Designed


Do you ever stare out your apartment window at the city below – wailing with sirens and street lights blinded by smog – and dream of living another life? One where you’re miles from the city, residing in a cozy cottage, whimsically aged with dusty windows and low ceiling. Tending to the land, you tuck a basket of flowers into your elbow as you water your garden and listen to the quiet hum of the forest. Are you almost lulled to sleep in that peaceful dream until the hornet buzz of your doorbell brings you back to reality?  

Your dreams can become a reality with Cottagecore. Last year’s biggest design trend is all about traveling back to Victorian Times but through the perspective of the local villager in the countryside. The style celebrates simplicity and old-fashioned designs with handmade furniture items, long flowing dresses, and an abundance of plants. In a materialistic industry, the Cottagecore aesthetic is surprisingly anti-capitalist, rivaling ornate presentations with a cozy minimalism that reminds us how a joyful life can be incredibly simple. Pioneered by Gen Z and other young adults on social media, the country-side minimalism of Cottagecore is the new frontier for interior design.

We at Rockin Cushions have come with a few Cottagecore arrangements that will help you embrace the newest trend with prices that match the aesthetic’s simple ethos. With our selection of stylish IKEA slipcovers, design your apartment like a British country-side cabin without paying the price of a plane ticket to Britain.  

To design for the Cottagecore aesthetic, you will need:

Cottagecore florals



Rockin Cushions’ vast selection of prints will elevate your Cottagecore aesthetic with a charming flair. Embrace natural and earthly prints on your furniture, or even as a doormat before your guests open the door. 


IKEA plants




I’ve said before that I am the grim reaper of plants; while I could never live an actual Cottagecore life, I can get close with IKEA’s selection of artificial plants that provide the quaint look without the cost and time of actual plants. Give Cottagecore a Biophilic Design Edge by creating a mini forest in your home.



Cottagecore IKEA Covers




Nothing embodies Cottagecore more than a natural linen in a natural color. Ground your home with a soothing oatmeal shade or oatmeal pattern that will transport guests to a dewy dawn in 1820, inside a cozy cottage before the first bird sings. 


Yellow Floral IKEA Slipcovers




Bring a warm glow inside your living room with sunshine yellow prints. Give your home its own living sun with bright prints that emphasize your home’s coziness. Whether you’re working in the garden or in a cubicle, the uplifting shade will bring a smile to your face when you flop down on the couch after a long day.



IKEA Sakarias White Floral Chair Cover




And finally, this can’t be a true countryside style without some cute florals that bring nature’s best feature indoors. Cottagecore simplicity doesn’t have to be bereft of modern prints – liven up your cottage lifestyle with florals that are enchantingly whimsical and current. 



Dive into the Cottagecore lifestyle with ease using Rockin Cushions slipcovers and IKEA artificial plants to saves you the hassle of design stores and their inane prices. Embrace cabin life without the cabin fever. Especially now, when in the last year we have been at home and focused on artisanal crafts to pass the time, discover your inner village girl who wants nothing more than to garden, bake bread, and sleep in flower bed. With Rockin Cushions, your design possibilities are both timeless and endless. 





Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)