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One of my favorite things about growing up was everyone asking me what my favorite color is. Every time I had a different answer based on my mood. Honestly, I wish more people asked me what my favorite color is– like legos, it’s fun for any age. But the question of your favorite color goes far beyond elementary school playgrounds. Color Psychology is the study of how color affects human behavior. Whether it’s using red and yellow to stimulate feelings of hunger, or painting a hospital waiting room blue to calm visitors, colors invoke constant unconscious emotional reactions throughout the day.

Colors don’t just paint the world exterior to ourselves, but the interior world of mental health as well. So when we specifically choose a color to be our favorite, we’re saying a lot about what we value and need. According to Very Well Mind. Your feelings about color are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experience or culture”Although we are affected by every color, it’s the color we love the most that says the most about us and what we value. 

We at Rockin Cushions love the idea of color psychology and want to imbed science into our daily lives. You can apply color psychology to our home too, using our slipcover palettes to paint your home with the hues you crave: 




Excitement. Strength. Love. Energy.



Bring some excitement to your home with bold patterns found in the IKEA Sakarias Dining Santa Maria Gem Slipcover or in the similarly vivacious Red Cinnabon Flowers IKEA Stuva Bench Pad Slipcover. Sit back in the complimentary Sunbrella Red Burgundy IKEA Outdoor Slipcover and soak in all that red-hue energy. 



Confidence. Success. Bravery. Sociability.



Be brave in your design and embrace the orange! Our Tuscan Orange Sunbrella IKEA Outdoor Slipcover brightens up your patio, while the IKEA Henriskdal Santa Maria Adobe Chair Cover elevates your dining room to wow any party guest. Put your feet up on the IKEA Nils Orange Suede Stool Cover and get inspired by the citrus color.



Creativity. Happiness. Warmth. Cheer. 



If there’s one thing we could use this holiday season, it’s more warmth and cheer. Our Children's IKEA Poang Yellow Patchwork Yellow Flower Print, Nursery Room Decor Chair Cover imbeds any room with cheer, while Yellow Floral Damask Print IKEA OUTDOOR Slip Cover delivers on creatively chic design. And toss in the Patchwork Canary Yellow Herringbone Throw Pillow Cover to add a golden ray of sunshine to your home.



Nature. Healing. Freshness. Quality. 



This palette will help you get back to your roots and start healing. Our Rainforest Pine Green IKEA Outdoor Slipcover pops with a fun green print, and our Green Velvet IKEA KNOPPARP Slip Cover gives green a new texture as fresh as dawn’s morning air. Not to mention how our Jungle Green Banana Leaf Hemmahos Bench Pad Cover brings the fun with a bold jungle print that brings us back to nature. 



Trust. Peace. Loyalty. Competence. 



Gives yourself a color palette that instills peace and a sense of security heading into the new year. Our IKEA Ektorp Boho Indigo Blue Sofa Slipcover is a brand new showstopper that dazzles with its stylishly smart print. Then the IKEA HENRIKSDAL Chambray Blue Linen Slipcover soothes the soul with its cool denim texture. And with the Outdoor Arrows Cobalt Blue Pillow Cover, just as its print suggests, this palette will take your home above and beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.  



Royalty. Luxury. Spirituality. Ambition.



Live the life of luxury you deserve with this purple palette. Sink deep into the rich velvet of the IKEA Purple Velvet Ektorp Sofa Slipcover. Elevate your workspace with the IKEA SKRUVSTA Purple Velvet Chair Slip Cover. And get ambitious with prints using our Purple Colorful Flowers IKEA STUVA Bench Pad Slip Cover to spice up any room. 



Compassion. Sincerity. Sophistication. Sweet.



My personal favorite– we can all use more compassion in our lives. Our IKEA KOARP Candid Moment Ebony Armchair Cover brings sophistication with its beautifully classic print, while the IKEA NILS Blush Pink Velvet Chair Cover delivers with its fun blush pink hue. But pink doesn’t have to be all frills, as the IKEA STUVA Pink and Navy Tribal Pattern Bench Pad Slipcover shows that the sweetest color can also be the coolest.



Dependable. Rugged. Trustworthy. Simple.



Where would we be without the most natural hue there is? Here at Rockin Cushions, we make sure even the simple is never boring. Our IKEA KOARP Light Brown Cow Animal Print Armchair Cover and IKEA KNOPPARP Brown Faux Cow Print Sofa Cover bring out the spunk in brown. And paired with our IKEA OUTDOOR Sunbrella Solid Cocoa Brown Slipcover, this down the earth palette has a rugged charm. 



Formality. Dramatic. Sophistication. Security. 



For those craving a flair of the dramatic, our black palette fulfills your needs. Our IKEA KOARP Black Boho Arrows Tribal Print Mudcloth Armchair Cover gives your living room edge, and the Mini Swiss Cross Black White Pillow Cover spices up any seat it’s on. Throw in our nostalgia-inducing IKEA Henriksdal Large Black Plaid Buffalo Check Bar Stool Chair Cover, and this darker palette sings home sweet home.



Clean. Simplicity. Innocence. Honesty.



And finally, keep it short and sweet with a pure classic. Our IKEA HENRIKSDAL White Linen Slipcover and IKEA SKRUVSTA White Linen Chair Slipcover elevate your home with clean and simple style– less is more, and this palette certainly does more for less. Add in our Shabby Chic White Pillow Cover– and just as the name suggests– these items will embolden your home with chic interior design. 


No matter what your color is, dive into your favorite, and design your home with everything you need going into the new year. 



Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)