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As we move ahead into 2021, it’s time to start acting on our new year’s resolutions. For many of us, it’s tough to uphold these new goals all year long. How do you go to the gym while tightly wrapped like a burrito inside a warm comforter? Why limit your time on Facebook or Instagram when the outside world is harder to deal with? So, to help maintain your ambition, why not manifest your resolutions into something physical that you will see and use every day? Personally, we at Rockin Cushions would suggest a very literal method of manifested self-reflection: mirrors. These affordable yet stylish mirrors from IKEA will help you make your dreams a reality and motivate you to keep trying to be the best you can be– all with chic flair. Here are five mirrors we love that embody our Rockin Cushions resolutions:



Less Procrastination, More Productivity

This IKEA FOLKJA mirror is the perfect reminder to turn off Facebook and get back to work. This modern mirror will inspire you to stay productive with a warm woven pattern and sleek horizontal framing. One of our Rockin resolutions is to cut down our time on social media and substitute scrolling with anything else: whether it be work-related, or writing for fifteen minutes, or even just sitting in silence and enjoying a moment to yourself. Focus on you and be in the moment.




Find a Reason to Be Grateful Every Day

The IKEA MISSVEDEN Mirror exudes relaxation, reminding us to take a deep breath. Coming back down to earth, the MISSVEDEN– with its beautifully woven rattan pattern– inspires a calm we could all use. It can be hard to find peace at this time, but just taking one minute of your day to breathe in and breathe out can make all the difference.  




Be More Confident in Your Style

This IKEA  LIERSKOGEN mirror is the bold reminder you need to be brave. The LIERSKOGEN delivers in chic and practical design, with stacked shelves for jewerly and more, is the perfect boost you need. In 2021, we’re getting confident! While we spent the last year in sweatpants, this is the year we experiment with our style. Even if it’s just a bedroom solo-fashion show, return to the childhood pastime of dress up and explore yourself from every angle. 


c: IKEA LASSBYN mirror


To Renovate and Redecorate

The IKEA LASSBYN mirror is here to motivate some hardcore creativity and planning. With the sleek hexagonal shape, this contrasting duo will give your home a new edge. And with that unique interior style, we hope it’ll help inspire you to dust off those home improvement plans and put them to use. 2021 is the year where all those home projects you’ve dreamed of– renovations, decorating ideas, recycling pieces that no longer fit– finally happen. Because let’s face it: quarantine was not the time where long-lost projects would reemerge. But 2021 can be the year that makes your home that much more stylish and cozy for the whole family.


 c:IKEA LIHOLEN mirror


A Daily Source of Happiness

The IKEA LIHOLEN mirrors bring color and life to your home. With soft pastel colors and an innovative shape, these little mirrors will bring an upbeat positivity to your home. After 2020, we could all use a bit more fun. Because this may be one of the best resolutions you can make in 2021: do yourself a favor every day. We can all use something to brighten our day right now – even if it’s something small like going on a walk, writing yourself pick-me-up notes, or putting a fun song as your morning alarm. Remember to treat yourself kindly and help yourself find a little happiness in every detail.  

Start 2021 with a bang that echoes throughout the year. You can’t go wrong with this list, as all of these mirrors will help make the new year just a tad more exciting. So get motivated and get cracking on getting results from your new year’s resolutions.  



Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)