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After this year, I’ve come to love the simple. Less is more, after all. Simple shapes, like circles and triangles, can sometimes provide the calming predictability we all could use. But who says the simple can’t be exciting? The predictable can be subverted and rejuvenated with a smart design– and the ongoing trend of geometric patterns delivers on that promise. Maybe it’s the “sense of harmony and rhythm,” as The Interior Editor describes, or the grounding reminder of an elementary math class– geometric patterns are the soothing logic we need this year. And we at Rockin Cushions are here to provide you with stylish and affordable ways to follow the geometric trends, using IKEA furniture and transformative Rockin Cushions slipcovers. 

The smoothest method for implementing a geometric pattern-theme is to choose one dominant shape per space. As such, we’ve divided up a few options based on the classic outlines:



Start with a straight line and see where it takes you. For us, we start with a simple line and end with a world of patterns. This IKEA BRÖNDEN Rug attracts guests with a chic use of color while our Chevron Lime Green Sakarias Dining Chair Slipcover elevates the room with an electrifying spark of lime green. Add in a subtly stylish Gray Stripe Pillow for some extra flair, and you’ve successfully given the design a refreshingly fun spin and taking your guests’ breath away in the process.



This geometric triangle pattern brings a sharp new style to your home. The IKEA RÖRANDE rug elevates your room with a fun print, while the Nils Gold Velvet Chair provides a bold pop of color to create a striking first impression on any visitor. But if you want to scale the palette back with a little less yellow, the Boho Mudcloth Arrow Print Knopparp Couch Slipcover provides a sleek yet thematically-perfect pattern that brings some Boho Chic style into your home. For stunning design with an edge, look no further than the triangle.




This square template creates a charming living room that never feels too boxy. The IKEA SAMMANKOPPLA Rug takes your breath away with a popping pattern that adds some depth to the classic black and white palette. For extra impact, lay it on top of this Flatwoven VOKSLEV rug to underline the SAMMANKOPPLA sheer coolness. And paired with a set of our IKEA Black Plaid Buffalo Check Henriksdal Dining Chair Slipcover, this palette designs outside of the box decor so stunning you can’t look away.




And finally, for a designer seeking a new angle on geometric design, look no further than the hexagon. With its complicated shape, the hexagon can seem like a daunting influence for your living room. That’s where Rockin Cushions has you covered with our signature IKEA Koarp Teal Blush Hexagon Armchair Slipcover. This slipcover delivers on the full contemporary potential of the geometric trend. Coupled with the IKEA HILLESTED Rug and this chic LINDRANDE decoration, this palette embeds your home with a sleek design. 

Have fun with shapes, angles, and color by diving deep into a widespread and long-lasting design trend. Using IKEA as a base and Rockin Cushions’ slipcovers as the ultimate plus, you can go all-in on geometric patterns without worrying about your budget. So complicate the simple and embrace the geometric!



Kathryn Blessington (KTB)

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)