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Love is the air, but we’re cooped up inside! That doesn’t mean a socially-distant date night can’t be fun. Haven’t you ever been watching a movie – snuggled in a cozy cocoon of blankets – looked at the clock and groaned, realizing you were going to have to get up and do your hair? This year you don’t have to! Have date night entirely on the couch – binging movies, playing video games, and eating your favorite comfort food (as well as a ton of chocolate). Whether it's about romance, companionship, or self-love, take it easy and embrace comfort. 

We have made a list of all the dazzling sofas and slipcovers you can use to make your quarantine even more enjoyable. Relax on a couch that will wow your loved one, your best friend, and maybe even yourself! Save the money from an expensive dinner and buy a sofa you’ll love all year long. 





The Knopparp sofa will bring a sleek edge to your at-home date night. Guests will lose themselves within the tropical banana leaf pattern of the IKEA KNOPPARP green banana leaf cover. The stunning flora of the IKEA KNOPPARP Candid Moment Ebony cover will excite your guests, and the IKEA KNOPPARP Black Plaid cover will make them feel right at home. The Knopparp is the perfect sofa for video games, cozy and spacious for when you need to thrash the controller around in Mario Kart. 





It’s impossible to be uncomfortable in an Ektorp sofa. From the thick cushions to the solid arches on either side, this is the perfect place to snuggle up, start a movie, and pass out in the middle of it. The IKEA EKTORP Solid Linen Black Sofa Slip Cover is the chamelion of sofas – fits with any aesthetic and gives any room a hint of cool. The IKEA Ektorp Boho Indigo cover delivers in the chic and boho-trendy, elevating your living room with style. While the Boho print screams downtown Manhattan apartment, the IKEA Ektorp Farmhouse Faux Cow Light Brown Sofa Slip Cover. Perfect for a movie marathon and a long nap. 

And for the single ladies and men out here, the Ektorp Single is a throne fit just for you! The IKEA Santa Maria Gem Ektorp Sofa Slipcover energizes your room and makes any night-in more vibrant, while the IKEA Velvet Navy Blue Ektorp Sofa Slipcover will give your self-care day all the luxury you deserve.



Finally, our newest Klippan sofa triples your comfort-level with soft cushions and wide leg room for a peaceful nap. The Tropical Banana Leaf IKEA KLIPPAN Loveseat Slip Cover will give your home the tranquil style of Grandma's house, almost tucking you into the cushions with a retro print modernized. And the Brown Leopard Cheetah Print IKEA KLIPPAN Loveseat Slip Cover sparks your home with spunk, showing off your bold side. This couch is a great fit for any lazy activity, but personally I dream off putting my feet up on this couch and feeding myself See’s Candy chocolates like Dionysus with his grapes. And the Klippan is where those dreams come true. 



Give yourself and your loved one some cozy love this year. Snuggle up and build a nest of blankets atop stylish couches that never fail to make an impression. Be as lazy as you want without your decor becoming lazy too. And — to quote the infamous line from Parks and Rec — treat yourself!



Kathryn Blessington

Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)