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BBC/Netflix’s Interior Design Masters is the perfect show for lonely creative souls stuck at home, hoping to revamp their home/office/playground/everything. The show ignites a spark of creativity for people searching for anything inspiring. For the single adult seeking comfort, the college student Zooming from their dorm craving color, or the parent wanting a cozy bed at the end of a long day: Interior Design Masters scratches that shopping-therapy itch. And here at Rockin Cushions, we are obsessed with the show!

We love the designers’ use of colors and texture to make every room dazzle even through a computer screen. But of course, we have a few favorites. And if you love these rooms as much as we do, we’ll show you how some Rockin Cushions covers, paired with reasonably-priced furniture from IKEA, can give your home a similar flair. Here’s our Top Five IDM’ Room Remodels, and ways you can use our covers to match with your favorite designer:

(Minor Spoilers Ahead. All images belong to BBC.)


ic: Blue Green Silver Jungle Bedroom

You can brighten your home with a similar hodgepodge of texture using our Blush Pink Banana Leaf Koarp Chair Cover, complemented with a blue silvery pillow seated next to a bench with an Olive Green Velvet IKEA Bench Pad Slip Cover.


  1. FRANK– Model Master Bedroom– Week One (@franknewbold)

It’s important to make a good first impression, and the first episode does exactly that. Frank Newbold started Interior Design Masters with a remodeled master bedroom that wows at first sight. Popping in every textile– banana leaf headboard, striped pillows, knotted blankets, wave sheets, and not to mention the crane lamps– Frank’s bedroom excites with effort. Former Editor of Elle Decoration UK and head judge Michelle Ogundehin does not exaggerate when she says the bed– this fantasia of patterns– is a wow-factor. Losing ourselves in this Greek Siren of a headboard, this remodeled room draws you in so strongly into this model home you wish you could move in already.


ic: Navy Blue Bronze Office Decor

To give your home a shared cool palette, check out our Ektorp Velvet Navy Slipcover coupled with a Tribal Bronze Gold Pillow Cover.


  1. CASSIE– Model Home Office– Week One (@dighaushizzle)


Modern sophistication coupled with a suave color palette, Cassie Nicholas’s first remodel strikes the heart of any daring designer. As Judge Ogundehin states, the space exudes a focused sense of symmetry and organization that belongs on a magazine. And as anyone trying to work from home knows, that instilled inspiration to work is incredibly hard to find. The navy blue walls modernize the office space, while the golden rug inspires chic use of color. Add the shining silver of cool, and you have Cassie’s unforgettable elevation of the classic office space. 


ic: Tropical Banana Leaf Bedroom

If you are also obsessed with jungle prints, you can find it here at Rockin Cushions: Tropical Palm Leaves Floor Pouf Cover and an IKEA Outdoor Cushions Umbrella Forest Green Cover to match. 


  1. TERIAN– Model Home Guest Bedroom– Week One (@teriantilston_interiordesign)


Terian Tilston’s paints with her wallpaper, modernizing the green jungle print with a complimentary deco wall and vinyl artwork that gut the viewer with coolness. Judge Ogundehin loved Terian’s cleverly modern guest room that elegantly states her love for texture. Painting patterns as if on a canvas, blending green and black against a smooth wooden headboard, Terian showcases bright jungle prints in a new, chic fashion that finally lets the bold print fit into any home. And as a company dedicated to texture and color, we couldn’t have loved this room and its exploration of patterns more.


ic: White Chocolate Pink Mint Bedroom

You can bring this sweetness home with you too with some dazzling covers from Rockin Cushions, like this Pink Velvet Poang Cover paired with our Colorful Lines and White Mint Green Arrows Pillow Covers 


  1. NICKI– White Chocolate Hotel–Week Two (@andthentheywentwild)


When challenged to create a white-chocolate room for a chocolate-themed hotel in Bournemouth, UK (if that doesn’t make you want to watch this show, we don’t know what will), Nicki Bamford-Bowes blew us away with colors so sweet we got a sugar high just watching it. White tile wall, mint-colored ceiling, a popping graphic print, speckled sheets, and a button desk– all wrapped up the room in candy colors as creamy as white chocolate itself. The room– the playground of shape and layers as Ogundehin describes– exudes the sheer joy of hearing an ice cream truck roll down your childhood block. And even though we’re more dark-chocolate fans when it comes to the candy, we wish we could take a bite out of this room and keep this pure swirl of fun with us always. 


ic: Yellow and Black Dorm Room

To give your home or college dorm a similar vibrancy, check out our black arrow pillow cover and black and yellow IKEA Skruvsta Chair Cover.


As much as we love the candy hotel, it was the Ju DePaula’s revamp of a college dorm room that won us over. The classic dorm undergoes a metamorphosis into a space that dances with texture and gleams with design, as Ju transforms cramped into cozy and chic. From the black and white tile desk, triangle sheets, jagged-striped rug– to the draping plants and the blooms of sky blue and gold– the room has a life of its own that could exist in a Manhattan apartment, let alone a small college campus. This room, from the storage to the energizing colors, is any college student’s dream dorm. Ju revolutionizes the dorm aesthetic, pushing design on a physical level as, once you enter this room, the tight walls seem to fall away and all that’s left is cool design– embodying Interior Design Masters’ ethos: the power of patterns and colors. 




Written by Kathryn Blessington (KTB)