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IKEA Outdoor Cushion Evolution: ARHOLMA to KUDDARNA and DUVHOLMEN

When it comes to outdoor living, IKEA has always been at the forefront of providing stylish and affordable furniture options. Over the years, they have continually evolved their product range to meet customer needs and stay in tune with changing trends. In recent times, some notable changes have taken place within their outdoor cushion collection, with the beloved ARHOLMA cushions making way for KUDDARNA pillow, and the ARHOLMA seats being reimagined as DUVHOLMEN. Let's dive into the details and discover how our exciting range of unique covers can instantly refresh and upcycle your cushions without replacing them.

Arholma Duvholmen

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Farewell, ARHOLMA: For those familiar with IKEA's outdoor furniture, the Arholma pillow cushions were a beloved choice for outdoor comfort. However, IKEA decided to introduce a new name and design for these cushions, leading to the introduction of Kuddarna. Although the name has changed, rest assured that the size and functionality have remained the same. The Kuddarna pillow cushions continue to offer the high level of comfort and durability that IKEA is renowned for.

Hello, DUVHOLMEN: Alongside the transition from Arholma to Kuddarna, the seats that were part of the Arholma series have also undergone a transformation of their own. The Arholma seats are now known as Duvholmen. Despite the name change, these seats retain the practicality and design elements that made the Arholma series a popular choice among customers. With Duvholmen, IKEA ensures that your outdoor seating remains comfortable, visually appealing, and versatile.

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Versatility Enhanced: We can add that the old KUNGSHOLMEN cushions, while slightly thicker than the Duvholmen, had the same spatial volume. One of the exciting aspects of this evolution is the versatility offered by our Duvholmen covers. Not only do these covers fit the new Duvholmen cushions, but they also happen to be compatible with the old IKEA Kungsholmen cushions (pillow and seat). This compatibility means that if you have Kungsholmen cushions from previous years, you can seamlessly update their look by simply adding a Duvholmen cover.

Embrace a World of Design Possibilities: In addition to the compatibility aspect, the range of unique covers we have available for both Kuddarna and Duvholmen cushions are sure to impress! We recognize that personal style and design preferences vary widely, which is why we have introduced an array of cover options. From vibrant patterns that make a bold statement to timeless neutrals that exude sophistication, you'll find a cover that perfectly suits your taste. These covers allow you to effortlessly refresh the look of your outdoor cushions, creating a space that reflects your personality and unique sense of style.

Whether you've been a fan of the ARHOLMA series or are discovering these cushions and seats as KUDDARNA and DUVHOLMEN for the first time, we've got you (literally) covered! 


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