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Hello to all our home decor enthusiasts and sustainability advocates! In this post, we're going to explain how you can repurpose your IKEA Poang footstool cover into a chic and cozy pillow cover. Our Poang covers come in a set so you can have matching chair and footstool covers. BUT if you don't have a footstool, this repurposed hack is for you!

The Art of Repurposing IKEA Furniture Covers

IKEA's Poang series is known for its functionality and style. But what happens when you have a footstool cover with no footstool in sight? There is no need to let it go to waste. Instead, it can become your chair's best accessory!

Step 1: Remove the Velcro

Start by carefully cutting off the velcro strip from the back of your Poang footstool cover. This is the first step in giving it a new purpose.

Poang footstool cover velcro

Step 2: Smooth and Prepare

Next, iron the cover on the reverse side to smooth out any creases or impressions left by the velcro. This step ensures a clean and polished look for your new pillow. Iron in one direction for velvet covers on a low heat setting.

Ironing pillow cover

Step 3: Insert and Fluff

Finally, insert a snug pillow into the cover. Watch as the footstool cover effortlessly transforms into an inviting and plush pillow, ready to adorn your space!


Navy blue velvet pillow

Why Choose Poang Covers

Our slipcovers, compatible with all IKEA Poang cushions, are not just versatile; they are stylish and come in various designs to suit any interior. Their durability means your new pillow will be an enduring addition to your cozy nooks or favorite relaxation spots. Plus, they are easy to put on and remove for machine wash and dry.

Enhancing Your Space with Chair Slipcovers

Remember, slipcovers are more than just protective layers. Whether it’s a Poang chair slipcover or another IKEA armchair slipcover, these items are essential for those looking to infuse new life into their furniture. It’s a sustainable and fashionable way to update your space.

With this easy and impactful DIY project, you're doing more than just adding a charming accessory to your home; you're embracing a sustainable lifestyle. At Rockin Cushions, we’re passionate about creative repurposing and are excited to see how you personalize this project. Share your finished pillow covers with us, and let’s continue to make our homes and our world more sustainable and stylish, one cushion at a time!

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Navy blue velvet pillow on chair